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Synonyms for coyness

Synonyms for coyness

an awkwardness or lack of self-confidence in the presence of others

Synonyms for coyness

the affectation of being demure in a provocative way


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Then, as though her heart had said, "Is coyness longer necessary?
'I might come here sometimes, perhaps, to see you,' said Mary, plaiting the table-cloth in assumed coyness, 'if you would do me a favour.'
I saw her, a most beautiful little creature, with the cloudless blue eyes, that had looked into my childish heart, turned laughingly upon another child of Minnie's who was playing near her; with enough of wilfulness in her bright face to justify what I had heard; with much of the old capricious coyness lurking in it; but with nothing in her pretty looks, I am sure, but what was meant for goodness and for happiness, and what was on a good and happy course.
Despite his coyness, we can assume that it would involve lower interest rates and quantitative easing.
There is no coyness as to what 'Cuddle Weather' will be all about which fact I applaud for its being straight-to-the-point.
There was also an initial resistance, a coyness perhaps, on the part of many museum professionals to discuss art market--that is, economic--value and an anxiety about making such detail a fundamental aspect of the exhibition's narrative, as if the market somehow pollutes the essence of the art object.
"Eugenie's rather husky, sexy voice and her more assured body language suggests she will be the more powerful partner although she used several lowering signals to make her fiance feel more dominant, like tilting her head towards his chest, touching her own hand to her chest in a gesture of coyness and even bending her knees as she laughed or spoke to self-diminish," she explained.
Real Madrid chief Zidane's prematch coyness did little to quash the chatter, but naming Bale in the starting line-up did.
Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane's pre-match coyness on the matter did little to quash the chatter, but naming Bale in the starting line-up did.
Former Prime Minister David Cameron said our coyness about the flag was "an intrinsic part of being British".
The coyness of the gesture (did anything about this setup suggest either a domestic space or the open-armed welcome of a close friend?) set the tone for this somewhat slippery show.
IN the light of Donald Trump's recent remarks relating to his ability to attract certain women have we forgotten the following; men are often attracted to women by their beauty, their figure, flirtatiousness, coyness and sometimes even secrecy and these attributes also attract women to men.
Her uncharacteristic coyness in saying independence "may well be" the best option in those terms betrays the fact she knows it would offer just one certainty - greater uncertainty and even more instability.
This is witnessed in Ava's submissive coyness, Nathan's type-A personality, and Caleb's inquisitive but often confused nature.
If Cameron continues his maidenly coyness at preelection debates, then this gag could be wheeled out again, Cameron's likeness be propped upon his vacant dais - a large steamed steakandkidney pudding oozing gravy over its blueandwhite gingham boilingcloth collar would t the bill.