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offspring of a coyote and a dog

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Even feral dogs, as well as hybridized "coydogs," can cause deer losses.
Interestingly, research has proven that crosses between coyotes and dogs, or "coydogs," only survive a generation or two.
Canines readily hybridize (Schmutz and others 2007), although coydogs are expected to derive from a female dog and male coyote, as coyotes provide parental care, which is believed to be nearly an obligate requirement for successful reproduction of canines in nature (Boitani and Ciucci 1995; Pal 2005).
* Coyotes are often mistaken for "coydogs." A cross between a coyote and dog is possible but highly unlikely because of differences in their breeding habits.
In some cases coydogs (crosses between wild coyotes and domestic dogs) are thrown in the mix to turn the problem up a notch or two.
As my grandfather's farmhand the rifle served to defend cattle from coyotes and feral coydogs in N.E.