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Synonyms for cowskin

leather made from the hide of a cow


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In most cases the cowskin would have been too stiff to allow it to be sewn inside out and then turned.
Li's apartment is a sparsely furnished one-room flat in the fashionable Sodermalm district, its sole contents a bed, a small table with two chairs, a stereo, a mirror, a cowskin rug and an upright black piano.
I am as guilty of purchasing the occasional (cowskin) leather bag as I am of wolfing beef burgers.
"Ranaway, the negro slave named Jupiter--has a fresh mark of a cowskin on one of his cheeks." "Ranaway, Bill--has several LARGE SCARS on his back from a severe whipping in early life." (63; original emphasis) These "large scars" provide a visual depiction of pain, comparable to being "branded with hot iron, or torn by bloodhounds" in Jacobs's list.
The Irish Cattle Raid of Cooley was written on cowskin and sung by dairy maids as they milked, for they knew that music increased the yield.
Avoiding the temptation to over fill the room with accessories - candles, cushions and the like - has left the attention to be directed towards statement pieces such as the ultra stylish cowskin rug, allowing it to take centre stage in the middle of the room.
You could seek out Ilva's printed cowskin Tiger rug, at pounds 250, or save the pennies and get a zebra print rug from pounds 18, from Littlewoods Direct.
Construction materials include cowskin, pigskin, goatskin and deerskin.
WREATH THING: Twig flower heart from Plumo (pounds 45; BRIGHT: Portobello apothecary cabinet (pounds 1,150), Purbeck chair (pounds 550), Purbeck sofa (pounds 900), all from the spring-summer range at Laura Ashley; SUNNY: Billie mirrored chest of drawers (pounds 895), Shanghai chair (pounds 125), floor lamp (pounds 495), leather beanbag (pounds 387), tricolour cowskin rug (pounds 395), globe (pounds 79.50), Roberts radio (pounds 99.95), all from Graham & Green.
Stolid, sterile-fibered businesswear's cotton Oxford shirt, drycleaned slacks, snakeleather belt, cowskin wingtips, off-white boxer shorts, off-black hose tingle alienating agitations.
"There is nothing more beautiful than nature and every cowskin is unique in its pattern." Cowskin rugs start at pounds 295 for a 45-50 square foot size and go up to around pounds 385 for one over 60 square feet.