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a barn for cows

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As per report, an average of 500 cows are rescued from smugglers every month, but in the absence of government shelters they are normally handed out to the 27 private-run cowsheds. The problem with these cowsheds are that they are filled to the brim, with animals packed together.
Last year, Gau Sewa Aayog (Cow Welfare Commission) asked the state's Prison Administration and Reform Services to submit a list of jails for setting up cowsheds.
ISLAMABAD -- Indian troops during a siege and search operation set ablaze three houses and a cowshed in Turkiwangam area of Shopian district in Indian occupied Kashmir Wednesday night.
He even manages to find hidden treasures in farm cowsheds!
We're invited to sit back, relax and be entertained by tales of the castles and cowsheds, palaces and pubs, and churches and chippies Grundy has explored over the years.
The cowsheds are causing diseases and sting smell in the area while the residents have demanded of higher authorities to remove the animal sheds from the area.
The Penrhewl family go to the winter fair while Eifion has to stay on to disinfect the cowsheds and is disheartened by the task.
The Victorian stone cowsheds at Cwrt Farm, acquired by the National Trust in 1989, have been restored to house the boiling pans, chillers and steel kitchens in which Aberdaron crab is produced, as well as providing a bait store and ice-making machine.
The aircraft - which belonged to a private Ukrainian air carrier - is said to have crashed into cowsheds and burst into flames after appearing to attempt an emergency landing about six miles from the airport in Urumqi.
Irked at frequent complaints about cowsheds and dairy farms spreading cow dung in the town, the Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC) has awarded contracts to two city-based firms for disposal of animal waste daily.
Indian troops had set on fire over 73 stacks of dried hay and cowsheds, which resulted into gutting of many houses in the town, yesterday.
in Frislan, a village on the outskirts of Pahalgam, and gutted 46 houses and a few cowsheds.