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any of numerous tropical marine gastropods of the genus Cypraea having highly polished usually brightly marked shells

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Cowrie has heard the locals talk about the volcano goddess as a real, living being; she has read about Pele and feels certain she is both dangerous and exciting (19).
The same devaluation happened to cowries, which were used as "primitive money" by many societies for thousands of years.
It's a sign of good fortune in West African cultures when cowrie shells lie face up, as is mostly the case here.
Cowrie feels a tug at her heart and prepares to make a dash as a cop grabs Sahara's arm.
Holidays are made more delicious as everyone in the family enjoys sampling the resort's extensive cuisines, including the intercontinental variety served at all-day dining buffet restaurant, Tides; Chinese classics at Tea of Spring; modern Italian fares at Acqua; and fresh seafood at the seaside al fresco restaurant, Cowrie Cove.
We are, each, a cowrie shell rattling in God's pocket.
Cowrie shells on the beach, a dazzling sun, but dip your toe in the sea and, as John von Radowitz discovers, it's not tropical
This particular mask has survived through the years in wonderful condition with the cowrie shells and vegetable-fiber hair still intact.
In Rebus, 1995-96 (presumably named for the Robert Rauschenberg work of 1955), yellow ovals echo circles within circles (targets, yet) made of applied cowrie shells.
Eruera grins as Cowrie wakes to see him dangling a flax kete full of pipis over her face.
In order of appearance: Alvin Lee (Korea) of Tides, and Chris Solomillo (Philippines) of Cowrie Cove; Adolfo Lopez (Philippines), executive sous chef; Andrea Burcio (Italy), chef de cuisine at Acqua; Daniel Quintero (Spain), executive sous chef; Frank Bohdan (Australia), executive chef; Laurence Cuesta (Philippines), pastry chef; and Bun Boon Ho (Malaysia), chef de cuisine at Tea of Spring.
Philippine Tatler's Best Restaurants included CafAaAaAeA@ Ilang-Ilang, Champagne Room, Mabuhay Palace, and Cowrie Gril And listed Champagne Room among the 15 Secret Instagram Spots in the Philippines.
The yoke of the dress worn by the woman on the left is adorned with rows of cowrie shells, and the lower hem has been cut with a decorative serrated edge.