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a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

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A rank-and-file cowpuncher was usually poor: he owned his clothes, horse gear, rope, and bedroll, maybe a harmonica or Colt .45.
So in reality most true cowpunchers were not gun wise in the Hollywood icon sense.
We Pointed them North: recollections of a cowpuncher. New York: Farrar and Rinchart.
His careers included a stint in the Seventh Cavalry and work as a cowpuncher, newsstand clerk, pencil-sharpener salesman, and alderman (he skipped town three weeks after the election).
Upon his release, he had a number of rough jobs, working as a logger in California's redwood forests, a miner in Nevada, a cowpuncher in Arizona and a forest fire-fighter.
He had no trade or profession; he was neither farmer, rancher nor cowpuncher. Having said so much, this must be added--few of the many people who knew J.G.
He became a roving cowpuncher in Texas territory, rustling cattle, tilling land, working in stables, and hitting the road whenever wanderlust stirred.
It embodies all my ideas of what such a gun should be for the cowpuncher,.
But Daniel Sargent, this Clint Eastwood wannabe, hadn't just been crowned king cowpuncher or lasso twirler.
A trick roping ace with the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Wild West show at the Dominion Exhibition in Calgary in 1908, he was an agent for Will Picket, the Black cowpuncher who had invented bulldogging.
freighting gang here taking in flour--stuck up for lack of feed and a cowpuncher going up to his homestead--quite a wild bunch too.