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Synonyms for cowpea

sprawling Old World annual cultivated especially in southern United States for food and forage and green manure

eaten fresh as shell beans or dried

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Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) is an important tropical and subtropical grain legume providing protein, vitamins and minerals.
Hemiptera: Coreidae) and P guildinii are important cowpea pests in Brazil.
The weekly meal plan consisted of rice and fish, porridge (yam, cowpea and palm oil), rice and cowpea, cowpea and egg and rice and fish.
In many parts of the country where the cowpea is cultivated, considerable amounts of nitrogen fertilizers are used which makes the effective native rhizobium's inactive and consequently the nodulation decreases.
Low-income farmers in West and Central Africa often rely heavily on cowpeas (typically called "black-eyed peas" in the USA) for income and food.
But it worked with PASS and other partners to rapidly expand and now produces thousands of tons of seed each year for a wide menu of crop varieties, including high-yield sorghum, millet, and cowpea developed specifically for Nigeria's growing conditions.
The PICS bags are uninhabitable environments for cowpea weevils," he said.
Therefore, the planners should consider piping reclaimed water to areas where groundwater of good quality is available to conjunctively use and meet crop water requirements for irrigating wheat, cowpea and maize on a rotational basis.
Muscat: A study on maximising the use of reclaimed water or tertiary-treated wastewater for farming seasonal crops such as wheat, maize and cowpea in the Al Batinah region of the Sultanate shows that this practice will prevent the disposal of reclaimed water into the sea and minimise the stress on groundwater zones in the country.
He also rotates mahangu and cowpea to increase soil fertility.
The USDA grant helps nearly 24,000 farmers of rice, millet and sorghum (and 4,000 cowpea producers) address shared problems and improve food security during the "hungry season," before harvest.
The authors of the report also said that cassava and the little known cowpea plant could play increasingly important roles in agriculture, as temperatures rise and people will have to adapt to new and varied menus as traditional crops struggle.
Paul Anderson, will expand and assist partnerships to focus on staple crops, such as sweet potato, banana, cassava, sorghum, maize, rice, groundnuts, millet and cowpea that are typically not the focus of commercial entities but are extremely important to the livelihood of subsistence farmers.
Several methods are being tested, including cold storage for spotted wing Drosophila on grapes, radio frequency treatments for cowpea weevil in dried pulses, and low-temperature vacuum treatments for codling moth in fresh fruits.
Therefore, the objective of the present work was to evaluate the effect of organic fertilization with gliricidia and/or goat manure on AMF in an intercropped system of maize, cowpea and cotton in the semi-arid region of Brazil.