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an associate that one works with

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One survey respondent recalled just this saying, "I've witnessed a coworker and superior associate being very flirtatious, and later I walked into the women's restroom where I saw the same two people enter a stall.
If you're ever in a situation with a coworker who won't stop feuding with you, you'll be happier and more productive if you can thwart the feuding coworker before the problem gets beyond the first few salvos.
Employees spend eight hours a day with their coworkers during the workweek.
Deciding to treat hostile workplace claims and quid pro quo claims similarly, the court held that an employer can be liable for coworker conduct if the employee's co-worker acts to malign the employee for discriminatory reasons with the intent to cause the plaintiffs firing; the co-worker's discriminatory acts proximately caused the employee to be fired; and the employer terminates the employee based on acts by the co-worker it knew (or reasonably should have known) were the product of discriminatory animus.
In service organisations, coworker support is considered to be an important source of employee support (Susskind, Kacmar, & Borchgrevink, 2007).
Because Hasan did not request to have a coworker present during his meeting with management, the board did not fault the foundation for asking to meet with him privately to discuss the memorandum he had coauthored.
He asks for a coworker to represent him in the meeting.
As a result of this focus, she argues, nonsexual discrimination and gender-based hostile acts - men denigrating a female coworker's competence or sabotaging her work - go unnoticed, while the persecution of innocuous sexual jokes gives feminists a bad name.
Topics addressed include: new directions in vocational assessment; the link between psychiatric symptoms and employment; effects of work on self-esteem and life satisfaction; employer and coworker relationships; new vocational service delivery approaches; the development of consumer-provided vocational services; and tailoring of services for women, minorities, and youth.
Areas identified for continued research, development and evaluation include: long term effectiveness of natural coworker supports as applied to training and retention; cost effectiveness; indices of consumer satisfaction in relation to provision of natural coworker supports strategies; and continued development and dissemination of information and research pertaining to new types of support options, training, and follow-along services for supported employees.
PROCEDURE Any employee who feels sexually harassed by a supervisor, manager, coworker, subordinate, client or other person should take the following course of action: 1.
A team led by Lucina Uddin of the University of California, Los Angeles showed volunteers a series of images that, to varying degrees, blended their own faces with those of same-sex coworkers. Participants pressed keys indicating whether they saw themselves or a coworker in each image.
That cute gay coworker you see at the vending machine wants a travel bud.
* multi-leveled, meaning that trust results from interactions that span coworker, team, organizational and inter-organizational alliances.
If a coworker is allowed to aggress against you, who's to say he or she won't go after someone else?