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protective covering consisting of a metal part that covers the engine

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When a helicopter is hovering, there is little airflow passing through the engine cowling and hot stagnant air will gather in the engine compartment.
Three options were suggested to alleviate or even eliminate the damage on the inner skin of the engine cowling caused by overheating.
The report also shared the photo of the recovered piece compared with Boeing 777 engine cowling stencils.
I began work on a new fiberglass cowling STC for Grumman AA5B Tigers in 2000 and had it ready to fly in 2002.
In response to the growing regional demand for the supply, repair and overhaul of GE90 nacelle components, Lufthansa Technik and Spirit AeroSystems will place inventory, including GE90 thrust reversers and cowlings, in the Lufthansa Technik Middle East Services' headquarter location in Dubai.
Different views will no doubt long be held about the academic value of Cowlings quite formidable body of work.
2 engine-access cowling had snapped near the hinges, dropping the intake to the ground.
A side note: Dan Cowling, president of The Communications Group (which is also busy this week handling the Arkansas State Fair), said his firm and Mangan Holcomb Rainwater Culpepper of Little Rock had considered a partnership on the tobacco account.
In the blink of an eye, the perfect view out my front windscreen was marred by the twisted metal of a crumpled engine cowling. For a moment, I pondered the trajectory the cowling would follow if it detached from the airframe.
The plane, bound for Oslo, was forced to double back after both of its protective engine cowlings blew away on take-off, setting one engine alight.
Without the protection of the fire-proof strip, the metal airframe cowlings and the duct assembly can crack.
The ability to easily open up the entire side of the cowling during preflight on my Warrior paid for itself the time I opened it and found a birds nest.