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protective covering consisting of a metal part that covers the engine

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Three options were suggested to alleviate or even eliminate the damage on the inner skin of the engine cowling caused by overheating.
A long ball into the box was headed backwards by defender Hanna Reid, sending the ball high over Cowling.
Cowling even challenged the idea of advertising itself, intentionally avoiding the word in the firm's name, and focusing on "marketing" in the letterhead.
Cowling, a carer, represented herself and said she did not think she would be over the limit after taking two glasses of wine.
Cowling, 34, of Wepre Drive, Connah's Quay, represented herself in court and said she did not think she would be over the limit after two glasses of wine.
Division 2: Marsh Con D 0 Kingsmith PW 10 (Richard Cowling 3, Ian Charlton 3, Mick Hodson 3), Scissett WMC A 10 (Stewart Clarke 3, Clive Standen 3, Brian Armitage 3) Deighton Leisure Centre C 0, Kingsmith PW 7 (Richard Cowling 3, Billy Ryan 1, Ian Charlton 2) Kingsmith Engineering C 3 (Alex Beresford 2, Peter Heywood 1), Kingsmith Engineering D 7 (Kingsley Smith 2, Mike Jagger 1, Peter Fox 3) Marsh Con D 3 (Alan West 2, John Hall 1).
At first blush, one might think the best configuration for installing an air-cooled engine would be to omit a cowling. After all, if the engine is cooled by air and the object is to maximize cooling, wouldn't you simply want the maximum exposure?
ATSB released a statement and a photograph of the aircraft engine cowling stenciled with the Rolls-Royce logo after several critics raised doubts over the debris pieces' links to the missing Flight MH370.
Charles Cowling, who runs the Good Funeral Guide Blog, said: "Direct disposals cost between PS1,100 and PS1,700.
I began work on a new fiberglass cowling STC for Grumman AA5B Tigers in 2000 and had it ready to fly in 2002.
I am sorry that Andrew Roberts finds my reference to him, in my essay about Maurice Cowling, "slighting" [Reactions, Mar./Apr.
During engine shutdown, he noticed smoke and flames coming from the main-gearbox cowling. He notified the pilot who quickly shut down all systems.
This can lead us to ask closed or leading questions and therefore, not properly explore an individual's talents," notes Hazel Cowling, partner and consultant director of biz-group.
The British Airways plane, with the engine cowling missing, which was involved in the incident at Heathrow