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Synonyms for cowhide

leather made from the hide of a cow


Related Words

the hide of a cow

Related Words

a heavy flexible whip braided from leather made from the hide of a cow

Related Words

flog with a cowhide

References in classic literature ?
And now did the Tanner's cowhide cap stand him in good stead, and but for it he might never have held staff in hand again.
Now Arthur had been to Nottingham Town the day before Little John set forth on his errand, there to sell a halfscore of tanned cowhides. At the dawn of the same day that Little John left the inn, he started from Nottingham, homeward for Blyth.
Away with tanbark and filthy vats and foul cowhides! I will follow thee to the ends of the earth, good master, and not a herd of dun deer in all the forest but shall know the sound of the twang of my bowstring."
He said he'd cowhide me till I was black and blue if I didn't raise some money for him.
Now while Hermes went to the cave in the rock and began to drive out the strong cattle, the son of Leto, looking aside, saw the cowhides on the sheer rock.
Before Eid-ul-Azha, the government had fixed salted cowhide and buffalo rawhide at Tk 45-50 per square feet in Dhaka and at Tk 35-40 for outside capital.
A top view shows the light wooden stairs with a display of indoor plants underneath A bubble chandelier catches the eye, and underneath are two white armchairs on a cowhide rug.
Vedder's newest introductions include several configurations that pair a cowhide or horsehide leather backer with a hand-formed Kydex shell.
The system scans each cowhide to note its particular shape and flaws, creates an optimal nesting layout based on the scan, and controls the two blades that cut the hide as it rolls beneath them on a conveyor belt.
Made from real American cowhide, this slim shaped backpack is rugged, light weight and swings easily from back to front in seconds (take time to practice the perfect draw).
While the offal is boiling, rinse the beef and cowhide.
True to its exquisite form, its exterior is intricately designed with its glass cover and the semi-aniline top grain leather that is made from natural cowhide.
MTR Custom Leather's Shrunken Bison Gun Belt is over 40 percent stronger than traditional cowhide making it ideal for carrying side arms and accessories.
Both holsters are made of premium cowhide leather combined with Kydex.