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a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

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The camp cook was the most important part of a trail herd and was usually paid "double the dollar a day," to the cowhands. He had to be resourceful, versatile and talented in a dozen different trades which included doctor (for both man and beast), barber, tailor, laundryman, butcher, teamster, and the arbiter to settle quarrels.
79413503 Jubal ( 1956) BBC2, 2.20pm: A rancher employs the services of a wandering cowhand, who repays him by embarking on a torrid affair with his wife, sparking a chain reaction of jealousy, hatred and violence.
Upfield roamed Australia doing various odd jobs, such as boundary rider, cook and cowhand. He enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force at the start of the First World War, fighting in Turkey at Gallipoli, France and Egypt.
As fate would have it, Gifford was an experienced cowhand, having worked on farms for years.
A remarkably mature performance, too, from Alexander Fisher, playing Dame Durden's cheerful cowhand, Simple Simon.
A The 1951 movie told the tale of a spoilt brat teenage son (Dean Stockwell) of a magnate finding humility and friendship with a cowhand (McCrae) on a long cattle drive (the clue's in the title!).
Given a few days of freedom, it was not long before one cowhand challenged another to a calf-roping contest or dared him to ride "the meanest horse between here and the Rio Grande." The first rodeo with paid attendance was held in Prescott, Arizona, on July 4, 1886.
It's recorded back in New York where Redman spent his formative years before moving to the West Coast, it uses Eastern harmonic and rhythmic elements, and, perhaps, most significantly, it refers back to the Sonny Rollins album Way Out West in which Rollins made the reverse journey (that album and this share a song: I'm An Old Cowhand).
"Cowhand to Cowboy: Fabrication of Myth." MAA 6: 47-65.
After riding over back roads lined by fields empty except for an occasional cowhand or cattle, they arrive at her house; the camera pulls back from the approaching travelers for a panoramic shot of a massive, Tudor-style mansion, replete with turret, stretched out on a manicured, golf course-size lawn.
WHAT began 56 years ago as a drama to educate the agricultural community, this week celebrated its 15,000th edition with the story of a farmer's wife on the verge of running off with the cowhand.
Ibanez painted a slightly more casual relationship between another of his young converso friends, Samuel de Vergara, and Vergara's own compere, a local cowhand (fol.
Also, that nameless cowhand contracted some fast-acting venereal disease, wouldn't you say?
You feel like a real cowhand as you pick the broken twigs out of your clothes at the end of the day.
Before becoming a successful poet, he had numerous odd jobs, including cowhand, railroad worker, and ditch digger.