cowboy hat

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a hat with a wide brim and a soft crown

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Stefani shared an old picture of her boyfriend on ( Instagram , pointing out that Shelton is in a cowboy hat. The same picture has been posted on the ( Instagram page of Ole Red Nasville, which is Shelton's restaurant.
He too was quite well dressed and liked to sport a cowboy hat.
So get ready for a finger-licking, heel-clicking good time, and don't forget to leave your cowboy hat on.
A MAN wearing a cowboy hat was caught breaking into a town centre shop.
A man wearing a cowboy hat walked into Marylou's in Hyannis on Saturday and handed the worker behind the counter 15 envelopes, each containing a crisp $100 bill.
London, April 25 ( ANI ): John Wayne's iconic cowboy hat is up for sale for a price starting with 17,000 pounds, it has been revealed.
Then he continued, "Do you know where I can buy a cowboy hat here?""
But gallant Scotsman Private Bryan Johnson, 24, had to wait nearly two years to get his "girl in a cowboy hat" - even though former Kenton School pupil Kirstie Ward, 21, was love-struck too.
There's a real festival feel to this gorgeous cowboy hat from New Look for pounds 4.99.
From under the rim of his black cowboy hat and dark aviator sunglasses, Rose was in good spirits when he said: "We better get out there before they tear the place up," acknowledging the 21,000 screaming fans outside.
I tip my cowboy hat to those who are walking the walk.
Among the styles sported by children at Levendale Primary, Yarm were a cowboy hat, several flat caps and a Cossack hat.
She hasn't decided on a destination yet, but I wonder if that cool cowboy hat is a clue.