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a bell hung around the neck of cow so that the cow can be easily located

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First, Peak Milk introduced powdered milk in sachets so as to be able to compete with Cowbell. Then, it also introduced liquid milk in sachet.
That allows me to focus on my 'cowbells'--talking to people and explaining things.
Dummy variables for these open-ended responses were created for respondents who fell into one of the following categories: respondent had previously had a strong negative cowbell experience such as being hit or threatened; they believe cowbells are or could be physically dangerous (other than harming hearing); they find the sound of the cowbells annoying; they believe there is a risk of hearing damage; they believe cowbells project a negative image for the university; and they believe cowbells give the team an unfair advantage.
Cowbell has, for over 15 years, been at the forefront of organising mathematics competitions for students in secondary schools in Nigeria.
The first song is introduced by the sound of the cowbell off stage, carried in by the singers.
This leads to Pat (Stephen Mangan) trying to win his wife a holiday by entering TV talent contest You're The One, hosted by scathing judge Simon Cowbell (Robin Atkin Downes).
Unfortunately, the plot then throws our hero head first into You're The One, a village version of Britain's Got Talent, masterminded by Simon 'Cowbell' (Robin Atkin Downes).
Postman Pat: The Movie is a shadow of the beloved stop-motion Postman Pat: The Movie is a shadow of the beloved stop-motion Sara has always dreamt of going to Italy, so when Pat discovers a trip for two is the top prize in the TV reality show You're The One hosted by Simon Cowbell (Robin Atkin Downes), he prepares to belt out a ballad.
There is fun to be had as Pat enters talent contest You're The One, hosted by Simon Cowbell but youngsters used to his more innocent world may be a little confused to see robot versions of Pat hell-bent on world domination.
Through the endorsement and promotion of things members care about, such as its local veterans group, a race car at the local speedway, country music concerts, and weekly Friday freebees that include must-haves like the FKCU cowbell. Couldn't we all use a little more cowbell in our lives?
On behalf of the meeting the outgoing CEEES president, Werner Wittberger, thanked him for his work and presented him with a traditional Swiss cowbell.
The classic deli meals include: Salami + Cheese featuring Old Wisconsin beef salami slices, Partners Get Movin' olive oil & sea salt crackers, Copper Cowbell Asiago cheese spread, Sweet Perry Orchards Cashew Medley fruit & nut mix and Funley's Chocolate Cookie Cluster; Turkey Pepperoni + Cheese (gluten-free) containing Bridgeford Turkey Pepperoni slices, Cruchmaster Multi-Seed crackers, Copper Cowbell Asiago gourmet cheese spread, Mariani dried cranberries & pineapple and Brown & Haley Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee; and gluten-free Turkey Stick + Crunch, consisting of Old Wisconsin Turkey Snack Stick, Popchips barbecue potato chips, Niagara Natural Tropical Fruit Bites, Sweet Perry Orchards Baja Blend fruit & nut mix and an Enjoy Life double chocolate cookie.
The song is distinctive as it opens not with a guitar riff, but with a beat played on a cowbell.
MORE MONETARY COWBELL (The Wall Street Journal, New York)
I would cringe as they'd cheer and scream and ring a cowbell. Trust me; everyone knew they were my parents.