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Synonyms for coward

Synonyms for coward

an ignoble, uncourageous person

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English dramatist and actor and composer noted for his witty and sophisticated comedies (1899-1973)

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But the slug-like coward hovers with a visionless demeanour, refusing to listen and unmindful of the fact that there are more advanced ways for brilliance.
Purchased by Ian Coward in 2014 after following the boat's early triumphs.
West usually hits the mark but this time his pot-shot at Coward has gone ever so slightly awry, something for which I do not blame him, since Coward (with his brittle quips and his whirling hall of distorting mirrors) is hell to get your head around, thus this effort by an experienced actor is, to my mind, a noble failure.
While there has been no indication that Coward has a new position to go to, his departure was reported to be amicable.
Though it certainly seems plausible that cow and coward would have a common ancestor, in fact they come from different sources.
Champions , for which he interacted with some of the greatest cricketers, Coward says the main problem lies in the fact that too much cricket is being played today.
Coward said that the total company will have about 1,600 employees.
Robert Coward has been named a senior supervising engineer in the Lawrenceville, New Jersey office of Parsons Brinckerhoff.
Trinity Coward, two, suffered serious head injuries in the accident.
Indeed, the production is best summed up by Coward himself, who based the play on a theory that anything will do provided it be neatly done.
If in fact they have been driven or coerced into it, no matter how unfortunate, how abusive or how cruel the circumstances may have been to lead a killer coward to the murder of innocents, there is simply no justification for it.
A coward fears his own shadow (the truth about himself).
By Petros Mavros Martin Coward, the former IKOS chief investment officer has lost his software copyright case against the asset management company and a London court ruling has ordered him to pay 85% of IKOS's legal costs which now amounts to a hefty 3 mln pounds.
THE DISPUTE over the software systems of the IKOS hedge fund was settled at UK High Court at the end of July, with Mrs Justice Asplin deciding that Dr Martin Coward had no right to retain or use the company's quantitative software when he covertly downloaded it for his own purposes in November 2009.
The body of Jonathan Coward was found near a footpath on Monday night in Stratford-upon-Avon.