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Synonyms for coward

Synonyms for coward

an ignoble, uncourageous person

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English dramatist and actor and composer noted for his witty and sophisticated comedies (1899-1973)

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"Kamo-tah is dead and cannot speak for thee, and I know only what I know, and I must know thee of my own eyes for no coward."
DISCOVERY: Police at the scene in Stratford upon Avon where the body of Jon Coward was found Picture: MARK WILLIAMSON GOOD FRIEND: Jon Coward, who was found dead at Global Gathering
The Hurriyat activists in the posters and handbills said, 'You are coward, India.
But the hate campaign began when the pensioner inexplicably confronted Mrs Coward, spat at her feet and shouted 'Wait until I see you on your own, there is a lot more to ***ing come.' Over the ensuing 15 months, Collins, from Chadderton, continued her barrage of abuse until she was arrested after the victims compiled a diary about the incidents.
A Noel Coward classic is being brought to the stage byChester Little Theatrelater this month.
IT WAS a case of doubles all round for jockeys Jack Andrews and John Dawson as well as trainers Cherry Coward and Chris Dawson on yesterday's South Durham card at Sedgefield Racecourse.
Coward Visitation for Lucille Audine Coward, 70, is from 1:00 - 4:00 PM Saturday, March 17, 2018 at Kristan Funeral Home P.C., 219 W.
Are you eager to find out if you are a coward? Keen to discover whether this madwoman is talking about the media or tech vendors, her colleagues and boss, the brand holder, or even you?
Solicitor General Jose Calida challenged Jim Paredes, a vocal critic of President Duterte, to face him and call him a coward as he lauded the members of Duterte Youth 'for standing up for what they believe in.'
CREW: J Moody (4)--Skipper, S North --Navigator, G Raithel (1), H Cowlishaw (1), J Nibbs (5), B Coward (3), R Coward, D Walker (6), P Lincoln, M Hampe, S Coward
If anyone had told me that Samuel West (actor son of the canal boat afficionado Tim West) would be featuring in a Noel Coward comedy I must confess I would have thought my informant was ever so slightly deranged.
But will he die a coward or will he find the strength to confront his past?
FORMER BHA chief executive Nic Coward is to leave his role as general secretary of the Premier League at the end of August.
Does the word coward have anything to do with cows?