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a small town in a cattle-raising area of western North America


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In cow towns such as Abilene and Dodge City, one could not go armed and a visitor had to check his guns when coming into town.
* "Abilene, First of the Kansas Cow Towns," by George L.
Miles City, a Montana cow town, was apparently even worse.
We cannot use as a representative picture the old saying quoted by Worcester about another cow town: "In Caldwell you're lucky to be alive."
Also identified on the map are the three basic kinds of small-town county seats in Great Plains Montana: cow towns, grain towns, and irrigated-valley towns.
All of the ranchland county seats are declining cow towns that would probably be dying if they did not have the county government.
Wheat towns look alike, cow towns look alike, and so on.
The typical cow town does not have grain elevators, agricultural machinery dealerships, and may not even have livestock loading, shipping, or auction facilities.
The signs of many years of decline, described earlier, are more evident in the cow town than in most other kinds of towns.