cow pie

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fecal matter of a cow


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Contamination of the pet food was discovered after the Washington State Department of Agriculture discovered Listeria and Salmonella in one package of Cow Pie and Salmonella present in one package of Chicken & Vegetables.
Never one to turn down a homemade pie, I plumped for the cow pie (PS7.95) as a main - steak in gravy with a shortcrust hat - and was not disappointed.
We waddle out of the pub, posing for a picture behind the life-size Desperate Dan cut-out and proudly clutching a Wimp's Certicate having happily failed the Cow Pie Challenge.
It's not strictly Birmingham but it's well worth the 25-minute drive to Tipton to rise to the cow pie challenge.
So buff he's obviously a cow pie and spuds man, Kal finally sleeps with Leanne on Wednesday.
Honourable mentions for the cow pie at Doncaster and the hog roast at Moseley, but the crusty Cornish was the runaway leader in our nationwide scran survey.
I hoped the judges would smile at the horns on my cow pie, but you really had to think outside the box.
Cow pie. You like my cow pie, don't you, dear?" Sousou pleads.
Pass the last slice of cow pie - Desperate Dan has gone virtual.
Now, how do I tell the wife she has to learn how to cook cow pie?
Ellis Watson, chief executive of the company's newspaper and magazine publishing operations, said: "Dan has certainly not eaten his last cow pie.
The Sebastian Cow pie is made with British Beef steak and beans slow-cooked in a chipotle chilli and tomato sauce.
Stepping in a cow pie was more of a concern than being harmed by a cow.
There was the intact and dried cow pie. He also found a pair of my reading glasses.
These spiky drums were turned by a chain drive from the back wheels and threw chunks of sodden cow pie, pig poop and horse droppings to the sky.