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a pasture for cows

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The event has become a popular day trip for many bargain hunters throughout the Midwest and even if they have to park their cars and trucks in the Newbolds' cow pasture.
But the "cow pasture" was soon filling up fast, because in reality the location was desirable (off the Spaulding Turnpike and a few minutes from Interstate 95) and there were only 600 acres open for commercial and industrial development--the rest was set aside for the airport, wetlands and natural resource protection, as well as the creation of 1,100-acre Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge.
police said, deputies confronted Crook as he attempted to run west across a cow pasture in the 81000 block of Davisson Road.
Facility chief Jonathan Ampo said that since water is not easily available in the 120-hectare dairy cow pasture farm, workers had to build two ram pumps to get water flowing into the facility.
As a result, by 1848 they had raised only $87,000, which allowed construction to begin, but by 1854 funds had run out and construction was halted.Thus by 1861, when the Civil War began, the Washington Monument was a mere stump -- just 152 feet high -- sitting in the middle of a cow pasture located west of what is now the National Mall.
That really helped when I ran it in the cow pasture. When the grass was wet or if there was a skiff of snow, it would really slide around, almost pivoting on one front wheel.
Earlier I had fired in cow pasture turkey shoots and put my share of butterballs in the freezer.
In the 15th century, the once glorious Forum was being used mainly as a cow pasture.
The Shrubberies in Cannon Park has grassy mounds and a series of wooden posts installed to act as a barricade against caravans and other vehicles accessing the former cow pasture land.
On I went, following the curving road along the wire fence that divides the cow pasture from the meadow and runs parallel to the train tracks.
After finishing his own chores each day, ten-year-old Billy walks two miles to Eli's place, where they spend time together, talking and laughing, while Billy helps the elderly man tend to his garden, work in his barn, or mend fences out in a cow pasture. There is no person Billy admires more than the white-haired Eli, who spends countless hours not only teaching Billy farming skills, but also steering him toward a meaningful manhood: "Simply choose to be what you have dreamed you will be, and you will create that life ?
When in 1969 the promoters of the Woodstock Festival in Upstate New York lost their preferred site for a concert Elliot Tiber helped them relocate to Max Yasgur's cow pasture. The festival totally changed his life.
The Blues saw they were under fire and swerved off the highway, roared through a fence and bounced across a cow pasture, firing back.
However, on Toad Hollow Farms in Nedrow, N.Y., the students noticed large numbers of females feeding on apple pomace in a field adjacent to the cow pasture where they were observing flies on dung pats.
IDI's main purpose is to acquire, hold and develop land to support businesses, and it had owned the cow pasture that would become Bookcliff Technology Park for more than a decade, said Diane Schwenke, IDI's administrator and the chamber's president and CEO.