cow parsnip

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tall coarse plant having thick stems and cluster of white to purple flowers

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"In some cases, the plant is actually native cow parsnip and not hogweed, though both can look quite similar."
It is also the time to luxuriate in the colorful wildflower bouquets of chicory, pearly everlasting, cow parsnip, boneset, campion, pickerel weed, blue vervain, water lily, bull thistle, wood lily, meadow sweet, pokeweed, partridge pea, tansy, Indian pipes -- and one of the most beautiful of all -- purple loosestrife.
balls for this game were often made of the growing heads of the cow parsnip (Heracleum lanatum) before the flowers came out." [1] Unlike shinny sticks or double balls, the equipment for this game was considered temporary and though the game was made durable enough to be functional for competitive players, ornamentation was seldom applied to any of the parts.
The understory is rife with sword ferns, false lily-of-the-valley, miner's lettuce and cow parsnip.
June 2: Some flowers of early June in the nation's midsection: poison hemlock, common cinquefoil, sulfur cinquefoil, red, yellow and white clovers, angelica, ragwort, black raspberries, meadow goat's beard, sweet rocket, fire pink, wild geranium, ground ivy, columbine, white campion, common fleabane, golden Alexander, tallbuttercups, corn salad, cow parsnip, field parsnip, black medic, Miami mist, smooth-leafed dock, spiderwort, Solomon's plume, clustered snakeroot, daisies, maple waterleaf, and late sedum.