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coarse erect biennial Old World herb introduced as a weed in eastern North America

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It can grow to up to 20ft tall and has white flowers held in umbels, like the flat topped clusters of cow parsley.
Many plants classed as weeds are incredibly beautiful in their own right such as cow parsley, native grasses, buttercups and rosebay willow herb (epilobium angustifolium), often seen clothing railway embankments.
Cow parsley cushion, John Lewis,, PS35
The group in question had been doing some plant ID, looking at Umbellifers and identifying them from stems and seeds; having learned to identify cow parsley and hog weed we collected some hog weed seeds to make biscuits with.
It was gloriously warm even at 10.30am and the stream banks were riot of colour - the frothy ivory lace of cow parsley; deep blush pink of campions and great willow herb - (also called by the old-fashioned name of codlins and cream - codlin was an apple) and Indian balsam; snow white splashes of bindweed and the sunshine yellow of ragwort.
They are about 10ft tall and look a bit like giant cow parsley. Last weekend I started to chop them down and my forearms are now covered in ugly blisters.
The bastion of faith grows out of the ground as nothing has ever grown before, but its shingle skirts are now blackened by time and weather, and jewelled by dark alpine pinks, yellow trefoil and buttercups, festoons of white cow parsley, indigo harebells and the tiny blue stars of forget-me-not.
Flying insects love cow parsley ALARMING reports that 40% of insect species could become extinct in a few decades should prompt gardeners to do their bit to alleviate the ensuing crisis.
Wildflowers will be planted, such as snowdrops, bluebells, wood anemones, wild garlic and cow parsley, to enrich the existing habitat and provide seasonal change.
BYD NATUR GAN BETHAN WYN JONES MAE 'na sawl cyfeiriad wedi bod eleni at faint o'r gorthyfail (Anthriscus sylvestris; Cow parsley) sydd wedi ei weld ar ochrau'r ffyrdd.
Plant cow parsley as well and that will add shape and colour.
The whole Brexit business has run into the brambles, which like the abundant white froth of the Brexiteers and May-time cow parsley along this road verge are thriving respectively in the hot air of the hardliners and nitrogen of the traffic fumes instead of letting British business interest and the prettier wild flowers thrive, which the flowers charity Plantlife (May 14) says are succumbing to the "thugs of the plant world".
They won't all like division - for example, those with a tap root like a carrot, such as cow parsley. When replanting divisions, give them a good soak and keep well watered to help them establish.