cow manure

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cow excreta used as fertilizer

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wheat straw, rapeseed and cow manure in different concentrations (T1, wheat straw 50%: rapeseed residues 20%: cow manure 30% with no earthworms as control; T2, wheat straw 50%: rapeseed residues 20%: cow manure 30% with earthworms; T3, wheat straw 50%: rapeseed residues 20%: pig manure 30% with earthworms; T4, Biochar 50%: Rapeseed residues 20%: Biochar (biochar) 30% with earthworms).
Chemical analysis of the fermented organic manures indicated that poultry manure contained about three folds nutrients compared to cow manure (Table 1b).
Chicken and pig manure have higher total nutrient values than cow manure.
Muscat: The city of Karachi in Pakistan is set to introduce public transport buses powered by cow manure, authorities confirmed.
Straus Family Creamery in Marin County, California, transforms cow manure into electricity, turning one of its waste products into renewable energy.
For citrus, add cow manure. For a majority of plants, add a combination of both.
Intermountain Gas is working with Idaho dairies to help convert cattle manure into renewable natural gas, a process that would produce energy and create a use for the manure.<br />While Idaho has eight dairies converting cow manure to electricity, and other projects to generate renewable natural gas from other sources, this would be the first time that in Idaho that cow manure was used to produce renewable natural gas.<br />The state is rich in this resource.
Since 2004, the company has been using cow manure to generate electrical power, with an on-farm methane digester reducing more than 1,600 metric tons of CO2e emissions annually.
The fuel for the renewable plant is cow manure. The company plans to generate water, electricity, and hydrogen for homes on a massive scale from the manure.
Farms can generate a lot of polluted runoff to these rivers from cow manure, fertilizer for fields of feed corn and other sources.
A UNIVERSITY student has proved she has a strong nose for innovation by creating household furniture from cow manure.
JEDDAH: A 17-year-old died in India while performing a stunt that saw him climb into a sack and then get buried under a pile of soil contaminated with cow manure. It would have earned the man about $170, but instead went tragically wrong when he suffocated from the gases released by the cow dung, British website MailOnline has reported.
The one-unit independent in Lititz, Pa., which operates its own dairy farm, gave away free dehydrated cow manure to shoppers on Saturday April 22.
This research was carried out based on coconut husk as main material mixed with different proportions of sand, coconut charcoal, cow manure compost, and microbial fertilizer, to make a series of compound substrates.