cow dung

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a piece of dried bovine dung

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One local person explained: "It is claimed Sumit suffocated because the hole was dug on a former bio-gas plant site where cow dung was still embedded in the soil.
In this regard, plant having capacity of generating 19000 cubicmeters bio gas using 300 tons of cow dung has planned to be installed in Rakhchandraiarea of the city.
This study shows the effect of blending ratio over emission of gaseous pollutant through co-firing of coal and cow dung manure.
1] soil at 15, 30 and 45 DAI, respectively followed by FYM, Fresh cow dung, Poultry manure and Lantana.
The maximum amount of NO obtained for banana tree waste were 68 ppm whereas maximum amount of NOx was liberated from lakhra coal-tree leaves (60: 40) and minimum amount from cow dung manure (30.
Villagers warm the clothes upon stove heated with cow dung cake.
ONLINE shoppers in India are not turning up their noses at an unusual must-have item that is flying off the virtual shelves - cow dung patties.
IT seems you can buy anything online these days - including cow dung.
He said that the land should be well prepared with rota-vater before the shifting of its nursery in addition to using fertilizer prepared from cow dung along with 12 Kilogram of Urea per acre.
He said that cow dung should not be used in the fields as a fertilizer as it attracted termite.
Expect a lot of language problems and bulls***, literally, as one team shovels cow dung into a car.
Apparently, she saw a programme where a couple had a metal roof and they put cow dung on it to create the fungus I am talking about.
The name may derive from the old English for cow dung, probably because the plant was often found growing among the manure in cow pastures.
The commonest poison consumed was cow dung powder, followed by drugs, household products and organophosphorous compounds (Figure 1).
One of the many suggestions was to stop dumping cow dung near the houses.