cow chip

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a piece of dried bovine dung

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Although there are lots of different snack chips you can buy at the grocery store, a cow chip is not one of them.
Except as wild card entries in cow chip throwing contests, we'll probably never see construction boards made only of manure and soy protein.
It's going to be a beautiful day; and with our new event: cow chip bingo, how can you lose?
Known in other communities as "bossy bingo," "bovine bingo," "cowpie bingo," "fertilizer lotto," or "cow pat lottery," cow chip bingo involves volunteers making a grid on a field, selling "deeds" to the resulting squares and rewarding the owners of said properties when a cow makes a deposit on the land in their square.
Each day's listing will highlight an unusual event going on somewhere in the world that day -- from Cow Chip Throwing in Beaver, Okla.
One of Ryan McNutt's, the mayor's chief of staff, favorite events, is cow chip poker.
LEONA VALLEY -- Leona Valley Sertoma Club will host its fourth annual Cow Chip Championship and deep-pit barbecue.
The Fourth of July weekend kicks off July 3 with Cow Chip Poker at 4 p.
During the rain-out, Olivia the Cow, also known as "Bessie," wandered over the cow chip poker grid, munching clover, finally giving up the goods on a square to the cheers of the crowd.