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a small collection of people

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a small flock of grouse or partridge

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Not that it would matter that we wouldn't be allowed to hunt, because those coveys no longer forage on almost every block.
The highest praise that he's received comes from his neighbors who tell him that they now find coveys of quail on their adjacent properties where none had been seen for decades.
Kait Covey, a woman living in Ohio, posted on Facebook that she'd found an Articuno at Austin Landing, near Dayton.
The Coveys set up shop, working out of their East Wenatchee home.
Shane Covey started questioning his construction career choice about four years into it.
From late October on, the cold weather has already forced the two grouse species into larger coveys. November is the best time to collect a mountable boomer as their pena' feathers are fully developed.
Also, once the big coveys have formed later in the season, mature boomers like to satellite nearby in small bachelor groups, loafing some distance from the covey.
The Coveys imparted their strategies for survival and success in today's current financial turmoil.
Renowned management guru Dr Stephen Covey and his son Stephen M R Covey recently held dual conferences in Dubai and Riyadh, which featured exploring new ideologies and corporate functionalty as a key theme.
When a dog goes on point, beginners tend to creep in as if they are stalking a grizzly bear, rather than moving in to flush a covey of bobs.
Once you have become an experienced quail hunter you will learn the art of taking a second bird out of the same covey rise and marking both birds down for the retrieve but until that time comes, it's best to concentrate on shooting singles.
Despite the waders it was a pretty exciting hunt in that we moved four coveys in just a little over an hour.
I know I lost some rounds in the frantic moments between coveys busting and reloading to prepare for the lone straggler or two to break out just when you drop your guard.
As I walked up behind her, she rolled her eyes back at me and then, an instant later, jumped into the middle of the covey. Birds blew up everywhere, and Hanna took off in frenzied pursuit.
The celebrated account of his conflict with Edward Covey is a good illustration of how complex Douglass's use of this particular stage could be.