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Synonyms for covetousness

resentful or painful desire for another's advantages

excessive desire for more than one needs or deserves

Synonyms for covetousness

an envious eagerness to possess something

Related Words

extreme greed for material wealth

reprehensible acquisitiveness

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Envy, a central aspect of covetousness, involves not only the desire to possess another person's property, but also to see another person's wealth or station reduced to everyone else's level.
"TAKE heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth."
On the other side of the world, Caracas, a far cry from the capital of Hugo Chavez's defiant socialism, stands in for any number of slash-and-burn boomtowns in the developing world; flashes of cinematic realism--shanty villages where peasants beat laundry on rocks in marsh water"--are joined with wry evocations of the covetousness of the global elite: "Landfills of artificial peninsulas extruded from the hub, ringed by artificial islands.
How do we move from an economy based on our vices (greed, covetousness, gluttony, lust) to an economy based on virtue?
Apart from mass consumer covetousness, what motivates these shoppers?
For example, to combat covetousness, refrain from things that feed your ego and spend time with people who are different from you.
He tells them: "Put away immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire and covetousness, which idolatry.
It gets distorted through covetousness, which signals a shift from needs to desires.
US military intervention was not introduced just against Haiti but was an instrument to impose on weaker countries that resisted the covetousness of Wall Street financial interests to wrest away their natural resources.
In Kent he served as a Parliamentarian captain, devoted money and energy to Puritan iconclasm, and joined those whose eagerness to prosecute royalists and 'delinquents' alarmed many of his more conservative contemporaries.At what was perceived Co be a 'turning point' in English history, Westrowe was recommended to the townsmen of by the in October 1645 for election to Parliament, as a God-fearing man of courage, who lacked 'covetousness'.
Actor-director Sergio Rubini delivers one of his more engaging behind-the-camera efforts, plunging into the sun-scorched intoxication and superstitions of his native Puglia to spin a darkly comic fairy tale of love, power, covetousness and transfiguration in "Soul Mate." While the ending is disconcertingly abrupt, the film navigates its tortuous plot with verve and velocity, distilling a captivating brew of over-the-top grotesquerie, magic and earthy sexuality.
Lust is full of passion and desire, even covetousness that breeds a need to physically be with the other person.
This vision was typically voiced by a humble tenant who complained about the covetousness of landlords whose greedy innovation of enclosing common land destroyed traditional land use.