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Synonyms for covetously

with jealousy

in a greedy manner

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Influential Benefactor, who has officially dumped Alluring Sweetheart, is now eyeing LL covetously.
This seems to have been noticed by philosophers like Peter Bieri, Michael Hampe and Gottfried Gabriel at the beginning of our century, who covetously glance at the cognitive-ethical potential contained in literature and increasingly draw on literary and especially narrative examples within their philosophical argument.
"Other airlines are looking covetously at EASYJET's market share, with pressure coming from both the budget players Wizz and Ryanair, and 'premium economy' offerings like Vueling."
There's a window seat in the sunny south-facing living room, a skylight in the tight but efficiently equipped kitchen, and a covetously rare private roof deck.
"Americans have set their eyes covetously on elections but the great and vigilant nation of Iran will act contrary to the enemies' will, whether be it in elections or on other issues, and as before will punch them in the mouth".
The prison inmates looked covetously at the ducklings, especially when they were growing up as ducks.
This is not because of the fate of the southern provinces of Ukraine, eyed covetously by Russia, but rather because Vladimir Putin's aggression may affect the security and price of Europe's energy supply over the winter months and beyond.
Seasoned ATMers did more than pause, they lingered covetously. For this beautiful handiwork, Eric received a 2" GSO 30mm eyepiece from The Telescope Shop.
Instead, he negotiated for exclusive performing rights, which he frequently misrepresented and misquoted, and covetously safeguarded what he considered his personal property by meticulously collecting conducting scores and orchestral parts after each concert performance.
That was unsettling enough, but Yuletide's most disturbing sight by far is the BBC ad for the new series of The Voice, where the judges coo covetously over a singing newborn in a blinding white, sci-fi maternity ward.
"Indeed, the Kingdom is the envy of the region, eyed covetously by contractors elsewhere," it underlined.
The coal-powered revolution had begun one hundred years previously, one hundred and fifty miles or so to the south, but in the valleys of what used to be the old Westmorland and Kendal baronies, those who owned the means of production covetously eyed the cascading water as an alternative and cheaper source of potential power, to run their machinery and turn their mill wheels.
While other fishermen would covetously hide their successful fly or keep secret when and where a hatch was on, Stolulonis openly divulged everything he knew to help inquiring anglers have a great day on the stream.
As a result, China can also look covetously towards the Saltoro Ridge.