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greatly desired

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With the thought came determination to return and obtain the coveted ammunition.
A little shove, a splash, some widening ripples broken by the sudden surge of a dark, hidden body from the slimy depths, and the coveted canoe was in the sole possession of the white man--more savage than the youth whose life he had taken.
"They were destroyed by the Fouillanes in 1826; the city was one-third larger then, for Timbuctoo, an object generally coveted by all the tribes, since the eleventh century, has belonged in succession to the Touaregs, the Sonrayans, the Morocco men, and the Fouillanes; and this great centre of civilization, where a sage like Ahmed-Baba owned, in the sixteenth century, a library of sixteen hundred manuscripts, is now nothing but a mere half-way house for the trade of Central Africa."
In a few weeks the authorities received his resignation of the coveted position on the staff.
"Oh, by the way," said Stepan Arkadyevitch, "I wanted to ask you, some time when you see Pomorsky, to drop him a hint that I should be very glad to get that new appointment of secretary of the committee of the amalgamated agency of the southern railways and banking companies." Stepan Arkadyevitch was familiar by now with the title of the post he coveted, and he brought it out rapidly without mistake.
At last Becky's kindness and attention to the chief of her husband's family were destined to meet with an exceeding great reward, a reward which, though certainly somewhat unsubstantial, the little woman coveted with greater eagerness than more positive benefits.
Rawdon Crawley's existence when this angel was admitted into the paradise of a Court which she coveted, her sister-in-law acting as her godmother.
Five Vietnamese nationals were arrested in separate operations here after they were caught transporting several kilos of Agarwood, an endangered and highly coveted tree species.
Alex F Noble & Son, of Straiton, Midlothian, is one of just 25 dealers worldwide to win Nissan's coveted EV CEO Award.
A spokesman of the coca cola told reporter that the prime objective of bringing the trophy to Pakistan ahead of the Cup is to create cricket festivity for cricket lovers who are feeling motivated by seeing this coveted pride symbol of cricket.
The trophy will tour Pakistan from October 3 to 13 with the most coveted prize in world cricket visiting Lahore in the first phase from October 3 to 5.
100 crore mark on its 13th day to become the actor's ninth film to enter the coveted club.
KARACHI -- The man who immortalized comedy with his outstanding wit, and the one who made his audiences smile gently and laugh uproariously numerous times, deserved to be honoured with coveted civil award Hilal-i-Imtiaz.
- Philippine Navy-Standard Insurance star Ronald Oranza soloed it home to top Stage 2 in dominant fashion and seize the coveted yellow jersey in the 2018 Le Tour de Filipinas under a bright Monday sunshine.
by ONAOman team, who lifted the coveted title at the 23rd Gulf Cup in Kuwait, comprised a number of players from Sultan's Armed Forces.