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  • verb

Synonyms for covet

long for


Synonyms for covet

to feel envy towards or for

to have a strong longing for

Words related to covet

wish, long, or crave for (something, especially the property of another person)

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"I'm so proud of how each piece looks - like covetable vintage compacts that you can be proud to use in public."
Known for only featuring emerging and covetable brands, Gloss48 provides their members with stellar promotional deals and access to hidden beauty gems in the marketplace.
Covetable prizes await from brands like, Tadashi, Natori, Lesportsac, Juicy Couture, and Coccinelle.
before splurging on that absolutely covetable set of clubs, make sure
Initially moving to London to become an accountant, mundane number-crunching soon took a backseat and she quickly became known for her enviable collection of the season's most covetable pieces, all styled in her own unique way.
Isabelle's DIY denim cutoffs are covetable. All you need to join the jean pool is a pair of old skinnies, a few crafty tools and a Saturday afternoon.
More than recognition of her talent for designing covetable clothes or for marketing them, this award marks the week when Victoria will not be considered as an amateur anymore.
The result is surely one of the most covetable books I have ever held.
Perhaps it's not surprising because designers have embraced and lavished care on sofa bodies making them appealing, comfortable and covetable. They also possess every celebrity's dream quality - they look better as they age.
If commercial photography is about the stimulation of desire in the service of consumption, then Ethridge plays with this dynamic in two seemingly unrelated series: a group of effortlessly beautiful pastoral landscapes made in upstate New York, which he says relates more to the imagery of covetable real estate than traditions of the Romantic or picturesque, and a sequence of portraits of young models (2000-2001).
As I write this I'm sitting in my studio in groovy Tribeca, rapidly becoming the city's most covetable neighbourhood.
Just like most of us, the young fatcats regard a covetable home as one of the first calls on their fortunes.
The actress love bags so much, Enrique Gil made sure to gift her the covetable Chanel Boy Bag for her birthday in 2017.
Mid-century style furniture items sit alongside monochrome ceramics, covetable artwork (the Gaelic proverb prints are bestsellers), Hilary Grant textiles, tabletop and stationery items.