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in a covert manner


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One day the soft airs of spring seemed to be stealing along the valley, and, in unison with an invigorating sun, attempting covertly to rouse the dormant powers of the vegetable world, while, on the next, the surly blasts from the north would sweep across the lake and erase every impression left by their gentle adversaries.
Jo, shaking and chattering, slowly rises and stands, after the manner of his tribe in a difficulty, sideways against the hoarding, resting one of his high shoulders against it and covertly rubbing his right hand over his left and his left foot over his right.
In the compliments which Dom Claude addressed to Jacques Coictier, there was that sardonical, biting, and covertly mocking accent, and the sad cruel smile of a superior and unhappy man who toys for a moment, by way of distraction, with the dense prosperity of a vulgar man.
"Oh, it's of no consequence," the poor girls would murmur in reply, and covertly draw rugs and coats over themselves, and try and protect themselves with their lace parasols.
The man by his side was talking now of the adaptation of one of his patents to some existing machinery, and Jacks watched him covertly. He considered himself, to some extent, a physiognomist.
Lawrence sat with his elbow on the table, carelessly playing with his half-empty wine-glass, and covertly smiling to himself.
The footage, released by the Scottish SPCA in a bid to track down the culprit, was covertly filmed by a member of the public.
India, July 31 -- Truecaller, the crowdsourced caller ID service that's highly popular among Indians covertly signed up an unspecified number of users to its payments service without their explicit consent.
Unable to trust him, James tries to covertly unlock his phone.
A New Zealand pizza chain that covertly served "fake meat" on pizzas has denied misleading customers, saying it was raising awareness.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Lieutenant Commander of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said that Washington's enmity against Iran is rooted in its intolerance for the anti-imperialistic causes of the Islamic Revolution, highlighting that such a war will be on overtly and covertly as long as the war between the good and the evil is on.
Addressing a press conference on Sunday, the group, through one of her leaders, Bishop Prince Jacob Madaki, also warned clergymen and messengers of God who covertly or overtly promote ethnic rife or propagate hate sermons to bolster the activities of killers in the name of politics or religion to desist as it would do the nation no good.
The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) revealed that 29 mobile phone clips of Rees covertly recording intimate body parts of young driving students were found.
Summary: New Delhi [India], March 15 (ANI): Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chief Mehbooba Mufti on Friday stoked controversy by saying that had a Christchurch shooting like incident happened in India, the leadership here would have "politicized it, indulged in warmongering and covertly supported attacks on Muslims."
Investigators said the suspect usually sings before different households and soliciting donations while covertly looking for children to abduct.