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in a covert manner


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One day the soft airs of spring seemed to be stealing along the valley, and, in unison with an invigorating sun, attempting covertly to rouse the dormant powers of the vegetable world, while, on the next, the surly blasts from the north would sweep across the lake and erase every impression left by their gentle adversaries.
Jo, shaking and chattering, slowly rises and stands, after the manner of his tribe in a difficulty, sideways against the hoarding, resting one of his high shoulders against it and covertly rubbing his right hand over his left and his left foot over his right.
In the compliments which Dom Claude addressed to Jacques Coictier, there was that sardonical, biting, and covertly mocking accent, and the sad cruel smile of a superior and unhappy man who toys for a moment, by way of distraction, with the dense prosperity of a vulgar man.
Oh, it's of no consequence," the poor girls would murmur in reply, and covertly draw rugs and coats over themselves, and try and protect themselves with their lace parasols.
The man by his side was talking now of the adaptation of one of his patents to some existing machinery, and Jacks watched him covertly.
Lawrence sat with his elbow on the table, carelessly playing with his half-empty wine-glass, and covertly smiling to himself.
Islamabad -- Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has described the restoration of MMA as feat of Establishment, covertly exploitation of Taliban and revival of the image of their own party.
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 22 (ANI): WikiLeaks on Thursday released documents disclosing information about United States' Intelligence service Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) 'Brutal Kangaroo' programme, which allows it to remotely and covertly gain access to closed computer networks or a single air-gapped device.
A NORTH Wales Police officer has denied covertly filming a young girl for sexual gratification.
Each of these videos were viewed by officers who were able to identify 32 separate videos where he had covertly filmed up women's skirts on public transport.
Searching covertly should have lasted just He said: "It's to warn them that we are looking or whether we go about doing it more covertly and it is that sort of choice that gets made.
report released November 26, 2013 revealed that Iran is covertly working with North Korea on a new 80-ton rocket booster that can be used in both nations' long-range missile programs.
While assisting with the case, she is covertly arranging her departure to set up a rival company.
AP) -- A judge in western Michigan has sentenced a podiatrist doctor from suburban Chicago to 9 months in jail for covertly videotaping members of a community college wrestling team while they showered.
Medication had been administered covertly without the necessary processes being followed.