covert operation

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an intelligence operation so planned as to permit plausible denial by the sponsor

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Drawing on declassified CIA documents and Guatemalan military sources, this book relates the story of Project PBSuccess, the CIA's covert operation to overthrow Guatemalan President Jacob Arbenz in 1954, who was seen as a communist influence in Central America.
The contract to be awarded for the delivery of digital TETRA voice and data radio terminals for the covert operation (approx.
For the most part, this is an effective mystery with a little history of covert operations thrown in.
This is when the action begins as both use covert operations to monitor Lauren's activities.
Israel's intelligence services have scaled back covert operations inside Iran, TIME Magazine reported.
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Lloyd Morgan, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court officers were taking part in a covert operation aimed at detecting suspected drug-dealing outside the Halfway House pub in Woolton Road, Childwall.
skills are needed for a covert operation to entrap a popular actor with a fetish for underage girls.
I am not sure that a covert operation to rid the world of some of the heads of terrorist operations wouldn't have been a more effective strategy in the long run.
President Kennedy, his brother Robert, and other key advisors wanted immediate results, and they ignored the fact that a covert operation takes time to achieve its desired effect.
In "A Century of Striding: Figures on the March--From Rodin to Giacometti," the Musee Picasso, Antibes, will investigate the motif's symbolic potential--from triumphant progress to uncertain quest to covert operation.
As described in The Consortium, Times publisher Arthur Hays Sulzberger acquiesced to a CIA request that the newspaper black out its independent news coverage of the covert operation.
and the White House were pushed into a large covert operation that they didn't want by a Congress eager for action that didn't need to be debated before the C-Span cameras.
ALBA said in a statement ALBA repudiates this new subversive meddling and illegal project against our people, executed with all the features of a covert operation, which flagrantly violated international law and the national sovereignty of Cuba.
Prison bosses had to release him after 15 months despite a very high risk of reoffending so police launched a covert operation to keep tabs on him.