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Synonyms for covert

Synonyms for covert

existing or operating in a way so as to ensure complete concealment and confidentiality

lying beyond what is obvious or avowed

something that physically protects, especially from danger

a hiding place

Synonyms for covert

a flock of coots

Related Words

a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something

secret or hidden

(of a wife) being under the protection of her husband

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This capability allows a single OVD foil already bearing overt and semi-covert laser image to offer all three categories of security features--overt, semi-covert and covert.
The New Covert appraisal had calculated economic obsolescence by using a gross margin and inutility analysis.
The key strengths of Paget's work are her detailed description of select moments of covert action and her analysis of how the NSA came about, how it became involved internationally, and how the NSA-CIA relationship and objectives changed over time.
The company is relocating to a 4,800 s/f space at 1539 Covert Street, and will occupy the 2,400 s/f of land, as they would like to have more of a presence in the county after which the beer is named.
In drafting the delayed notice search warrant statute, Congress looked to another statute--the Stored Communications Act--to come up with the list of justifications for a covert search.
The differences that exist between overt and covert narcissists influence their differing attribution styles towards life events including transgressions.
should occur only in situations involving covert actions of such
Ring bearers were Blake and Duncan Covert, nephews of the bride.
EasyTracGPS' ComTrac[TM] line of GPS tracking systems are pioneering vehicle fleet and asset management, covert vehicle tracking, emergency and responder personnel tracking, and family GPS tracking.
The language the Republican candidates used was astonishing, at least for people who assume that covert activities are ones that aren't talked about openly -- much less, touted in campaign debates.
Covert racism; theories, institutions, and experiences.
CINCINNATI -- Geoffrey Covert has been named senior vice president of retail operations at Kroger Co.
Just as well, as when our mare Covert Mission cruised to a comfortable win in the race we received a measly pounds 1,364.
Summary: A bigger surprise awaits with a parallel covert war being conducted by the US, in the shadows?