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a decorative bedspread (usually quilted)

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Meanwhile Eurynome and the nurse took torches and made the bed ready with soft coverlets; as soon as they had laid them, the nurse went back into the house to go to her rest, leaving the bed chamber woman Eurynome {183} to show Ulysses and Penelope to bed by torch light.
I shall not trouble the reader with the particular account of my reception at this court, which was suitable to the generosity of so great a prince; nor of the difficulties I was in for want of a house and bed, being forced to lie on the ground, wrapped up in my coverlet.
I saw his hands tremble as he laid them on the coverlet; I saw his face grow paler and paler, and his under lip drop.
You refuse me my liberty; God will give it me." And the abbe, casting away his coverlet, resumed his place, and continued his calculations.
In a very few moments it was necessary for Elaine to scramble to her feet, pick up her cloth of gold coverlet and pall of blackest samite and gaze blankly at a big crack in the bottom of her barge through which the water was literally pouring.
Having eaten and drunk to Mr Swiveller's extreme contentment, given him his drink, and put everything in neat order, she wrapped herself in an old coverlet and lay down upon the rug before the fire.
Each time I woke I missed my coverlet, and had to reach down to the floor and get it again.
All things, however, were in their places; all was quiet; and he lay asleep, his white hair picturesque on the untroubled pillow, and his hands lying quiet on the coverlet. She put her needless candle in the shadow at a distance, crept up to his bed, and put her lips to his; then, leaned over him, and looked at him.
They bend over him to see that he sleeps peacefully, and replace his sweet arm beneath the coverlet, and they open the drawers to count how many little vests he has.
Had his fingers found the throat of Professor Maxon beneath the coverlet they would never have released their hold until life had forever left the body of the scientist, but now that the highest tide of the young man's hatred had come and gone he found himself for the first time assailed by doubts.
Nanda brought Dorothy bread and water for her supper, and she slept upon a hard stone couch with a single pillow and a silken coverlet.
"Keep your hands still, Grisha," she said, and she took up her work, a coverlet she had long been making.
figure By BRIAN OKINDA In the coming days, you can expect to see Mwamba Rugby Football Club-branded merchandise including caps, hoodies, T-shirts, jumpers and even coverlets and duvets for sale, as the club announced its expansion into retail business on Friday.A new enterprise, Mwamba Rugby Football Ltd, according to the club president, Alvas Onguru, will be engaged in business as a means of financing the rugby body's activities.
debut with the Barcelona Collection, designed with the American customer in mind with coordinating geometric coverlets, embroidered duvet covers and sheets in blue and taupe colorways.
Now that farms have shed their coverlets of snow, farmers are ready to implement the plans they made during the winter.