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a letter sent along with other documents to provide additional information


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Written carefully, a covering letter or email can provide more useful background about a person over and above their CV.
Number of practices in the UK One Number of employees Five Recruitment process CV and covering letter via email and then an interview.
How you write your CV and covering letter is up to you, but there are some basic rules to follow if you want to create the best impression.
And don't be worried if this is your first CV - you'll soon have a professional CV and covering letter ready to be sent out and get you interviews.
My covering letter could go on to say that I'd greatly appreciate it if you would be courteous enough to call/email me with details of why I didn't get the position.
Q How important are covering letters when applying for a job?
The purpose of the covering letter is to introduce yourself and make the employer aware that you are applying for the position.
If you are sending out several covering letters, tailor them to the jobs.
Let's start with the CV and covering letter. Many careers advisers and recruitment experts will tell you to make sure you have a different CV and certainly a different covering letter for every job you apply for.
To really stand out you need to accompany it with a strong covering letter and this is where many fall down.
They should email us a copy of their CV and covering letter, explaining the position they're applying for and why.
Job adverts can be challenging to interpret, but it's essential so you can tailor your covering letter and CV to what employers want.
Q I heard that employers don't want covering letters any more as people are just downloading them from the internet and changing a few words.