covered wagon

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a large wagon with broad wheels and an arched canvas top

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The Covered Wagon Company burst onto the scene at the right moment in history.
Alma and fifth-grader Evan Hackstadt were among the students who showed off the life-size covered wagon they constructed with materials donated by BRING Recycling.
Trains of 25 to 250 covered wagons, pulled by oxen, horses, and mules first began to depart in May of 1843 for the arduous journey that would last five to six months at a pace that averaged 10 to 20 miles per day.
This one-volume edition of Covered Wagon Women is an invaluable source of supplemental classroom material.
The Brooklyn-based Otterness created Large Covered Wagon in his DUMBO studio where he worked for many years; the Otterness workshop has recently moved to larger space in Gowanus.
A spokeswoman for the pub chain said: "Mitchells & Butlers are pleased with the outcome of the judicial review at the High Court concerning the Covered Wagon, Birmingham.
Living in a covered wagon was the first true adventure of my life at camp.
26, this three-hour ride in a covered wagon helps you live the pioneers' experience.
Driving back toward Yucca in our mercifully airconditioned car, we pass Pioneertown, which had been built in 1946 as a movie set for westerns, featuring a "Mane Street," a covered wagon, an OK Corral, and a swing-doored saloon.
In a Chronicle of 1933 in the Eldon column, The Northern Outlook, there was a picture of Archibald Elliott, his donkey and covered wagon which had helped him carry mail for 30 years between Morpeth and Widdrington, from 1817 until 1847.
On one occasion when he was nine, he made the trip from his hometown to Bisbee, Arizona, in a covered wagon.
Indeed, one of the early trailer campers, unveiled in 1929, was called the Covered Wagon.
There are many projects, including constructing a classroom covered wagon, creating a three-dimensional map of the Oregon Trail, and building an outdoor loom.
Sometimes it'll be like a derelict covered wagon train settling in for a night on the plains, with four or five vans packed together in the lot, drinking and carousing amongst each other.
The Trail Riders program ran strong through the early 1980s, adding covered wagon trips, canoe adventures through the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, and Alaskan sea kayaking trips to its program offerings.