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a stadium that has a roof

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Twenty-five years ago there were plans to build a covered stadium, a weight room under the seating, a full snack bar and, of course, restrooms.
For private events, it will offer covered stadium seating for up to 5,000 people and a massive projection system.
It is the only covered stadium we have and it has become particularly famous as the temporary home of the FA Cup.
The research was conducted inside the air-supported Covered Stadium Simulator Facility (CSSF) at the Hancock Turfgrass Research Center, East Lansing, MI.
The Alexandra Stadium is already an asset to the city but an injection of cash to upgrade the facilities and to create an all-seater covered stadium would really give the city an athletics base to be proud of.
The best way is to go with the private investors who want to build a state-of-the-art covered stadium.
In the center of the park is a real grass field, the first nonartificial turf in a covered stadium.
1991) (Missouri Court of Appeals held that the taxpayers failed in their burden to demonstrate that there was no public purpose associated with the construction of a covered stadium and supporting facilities in downtown St.
Fans attending can expect a 300-seated covered stadium, American food served all day, a licensed bar, cheerleaders, full match commentary with miced-up referees, a free match programme and much more.
Johnny admits he knows nothing about dogs - "I don't even own one," he laughs - but in the three months since he arrived he has overseen renovations including the replacement of 380 seats in a covered stadium and 200 tons of finest grade silicon sand on the track.
We are creating everything, including a golf facility, covered stadium and world class coaching academies.
Find or create a modern, seated and covered stadium of 6000-10,000 capacity in or close to a large population centre.
We want to build a true covered stadium grandstand, and that's a million-dollar project the way we envision it .
And the covered stadium itself can be transformed into the city's only indoor room big enough for plenary sessions of major conventions and sports spectaculars such as the super bowl.