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a loose-fitting protective garment that is worn over other clothing

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In addition to the PROBANR treatment, the durable coverall is designed for maximum comfort and practicality.
Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Coverall Cleaning Concepts is one of the world's leading commercial cleaning franchise companies with over 7,500 Franchise Owners worldwide servicing over 37,000 customers.
These organizations have allowed her to make great connections, and in turn have helped her in operating her Coverall Franchise.
Once a Coverall franchise is up and running, the growth potential is virtually limitless.
Franchisee Edwin Ross summed up Coverall's commitment to minority entrepreneurs, "It was more than just investing in a business.
* Erecting scaffold (Level C); Tyvek coveralls and hood, vinyl booties, latex sample gloves, nitrile gloves, full face respirator, hard hat.
Being part of an established, international organization with strong, brand name recognition has, in just two short years after joining Coverall team, enabled me to grow my business into a full-time endeavor.
Proctor researched a court case against Coverall. "It didn't scare me away from my decision to buy, but at least I got the facts and saw both sides of the story," he says.
That Coverall has dethroned mighty "Mickey D's" from the top of the BE FRANCHISE 50 is emblematic of the popularity and accessibility of low-cost, service-oriented franchises.
In his local paper, Wheeler spotted an ad for Coverall, a janitorial franchise in the $37 billion commercial cleaning industry.
According to Zannie Brazely, owner of a Coverall commercial cleaning franchise in Akron, Ohio, the most unpredictable employees are students, particularly high school students.
As he had volunteered and was not on an official PAF mission, that coverall was his personal war trophy, which he has generously presented/donated to the PAF and was at display at the museum.
In the ceremony he presented flying coverall (suit) of deceased Israeli pilot (Capt Lutz) to PAF Museum.