cover up

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hide from view or knowledge

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In addition to Cover Up, Integrity currently offers online training in more than 125 compliance topics, covering Antitrust, Insider Trading, Export Regulations, Earnings Management, FCPA, and Conflicts of Interest.
Office mugs, hats, sunglasses, and gifts make up the eclectic selection of the areas largest souvenir shop, full line of bathing suits, cover ups, and accessories.
The Seattle Post Intelligencer's series on asbestos cover ups in the US has become the basis of a new book.
COVER UPS Left to right: Warehouse, pounds 38; Butterfly by Mathew Williamson at Debenhams, pounds 40; Monsoon, pounds 50; French Connecton, pounds 35
Doty asked the three men not to wear cosmetic cover ups over their prosthetics on Monday.