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a recording of a song that was first recorded or made popular by somebody else

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With Fifi's popularity steadily rising, it is clear that keeping the public guessing is a winning strategy, whether she is doing cover songs and working on a personal album, her infectious love for music and life in general is undeniable.
Here she engages the cover song as an instance of "temporal drag" and a "queer act" and goes further to consider the ways queer musicians have used cover songs and what I call "cover voices" to create queer community that itself exceeds time.
The cover song takes on social issues with a gritty, down-home beat and poignant lyrics, while in mesmerizing falsetto, Hamilton tells how he will "Never Love Again.
The days are gone when singing a cover song was a tribute to the writer, now it's seen as a cheap cop-out by manufactured pop to make a few quick pounds.
A better analogue for this retrospective attention is the cover song, as proposed by poet Kevin Young in his catalogue essay: "The cover both replaces and obscures an event--though, like the cover of a great record or book, it might just provide something we open, another totem to take with us.
In that sense, the album's one cover song is a neat glue to the work.
CCC will refer business and academic users interested in cover song licensing to RightsFlow's utility Limelight via links on copyright.
Bronnie, who was the youngest and only non-American competitor in the Ryan Seacrest Cover Song Con test, has since been contacted by musicians in the US about a possible record contract.
But it was widely panned while a later version of the Queen classic Bohemian Rhapsody was recently voted the worst cover song ever.
To make the special guest feel at home, Lady Rizo and The Darby band serenaded her with a cover song tribute of Britney's hit song, 'Toxic'.
Fans can expect to hear most, if not all, of ``Underage Thinking,'' a cover song here and there and perhaps some new material.
Their biggest hit was a cover song, Eloise, which charted at No 2 in 1985.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 11 September 2017: September 11 is the day Donny Osmond hit it big with his cover song "Go Away Little Girl," which was a #1 hit in 1971.
THE BEATLES - TWIST AND SHOUT This is actually a cover song by The Beatles.