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a small and very thin piece of glass used to cover the specimen on a microscope slide

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The adjusted leukocytes were deposited on a cover slip and incubated in a moisture chamber at room temperature for 30 min.
Sterile, round glass cover slips were placed in some of the wells for evaluation of the rickettsial infection.
A flame sterilized cover slip was placed over it and incubated at 22[degrees] C for 3 to 5 days.
For artificial surface cleaned glass slide and cover slip (fixed on glass slide with sticking agent) were used for appressorium formation.
The untreated (control) glass cover slip had a measurable surface roughness of approximately 0.
After rinsing and air- drying cover slips were mounted with Balsam of Canada and two hundred spermatozoa were evaluated in each smear with phase contrast microscope at 1000x.
Specimen preparation consists of placing a small drop of the liquid on a clean glass slide, and then gently covering it with a glass cover slip.
The cover slip was fixed to the slide using nail polish to avoid evaporation.
The inhibitory activity was again confirmed with cover slip assay which showed the reduction in adhesion of the cells onto the cover slip surface.
One drop of glycerine jelly was deposited onto the cover slip and placed on the slide very slowly to avoid air bubbles.
The skin scrapings and hair follicles were collected from margin of lesions, placed on a clean glass slide and covered with cover slip, passed on benzene flame 2-3 times to hasten digestion of keratinized tissues and examined microscopically under low and high power.
On the same or following day, 15 one-drop samples of water from each pool were examined and the number of organisms contained under a 22x22 mm cover slip counted.
The clinician places a cover slip on top of the specimen.
A micropipette was used to place about 250 mg of wet diet onto a glass cover slip (22 x 22 mm).
In order study the morphological characteristics with reference to aerial mycelium, substrate mycelium and sporulation, the isolated colonies were cultivated on glycerol asparagines agar by simple "Inclined cover slip culture technique" (Gibbs & shapton, 1968) as detailed below.