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covering consisting of a plate used to cover over or close in a chamber or receptacle

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To study the effects of the number of bolts on the cover plate, the material grade of the type of plates E, and the diameter of the bolt holes on the plates E on the connection's performance, two groups of specimens (M1 and M2) were designed by varying these parameters while keeping the cross-sections of the beam and columns constant.
A spokesman for the authority said: "The plate pictured is a cover plate, which is there for decorative purposes only and has no bearing on the bridge's safety or structural integrity."
Since the surface of the stone is too irregular for mounting the outlet and cover plate, the first step is to carve away the stone to create a flat mounting surface.
To ensure that all the hub gets grease during lubing, make sure the cover plate is installed with its relief valve positioned opposite the grease fitting on the hub.
7 Hold the cover plate over the hole and, as before, mark round the cover plate and again chisel out a small recess for the plate to sit flush with the doorframe.
The electronically controlled solid cover plate can be installed on top of an existing stovetop burner.
A cover plate and cylinder collars for five- and six-pin cylinders are provided with all trims.
According to ESL, use of a porous alumina weight or cover plate during the manufacturing process promotes creep flattening during the initial sintering process, without the grain growth experienced in a second firing.
A fire service spokesman said: "The kitten was trapped by its head and one of its paws, which were lodged in a cover plate at the bottom of the washing machine."
This can be accomplished in several ways, e.g., concealing the sprinklers behind a recessed cover plate that is matched to the ceiling finish.
OD has a removable cover plate that eliminates the mess of pulling tubes through a hole for insertion or removal.
and has a removable cover plate, which eliminates the need to pull tubes through a hole for insertion or removal.
Have an adult unscrew the light switch cover plate from the wall in your room.
Remove the single screw on the old cover plate, snap in the Guidelight and reinstall the screw.
Once room temperatures reach 57C, the cover plate melts off and the recessed head will drop down to its operating position.