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a letter sent along with other documents to provide additional information

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Applicants should outline in their cover letters what professional and academic experiences qualify them to be register of deeds and describe their civic activities and community involvement.
I like cover letters to convey a passion for the industry, and to give an indication of what the person would like to get out of the position.
Alem disso, a cover letter pode dar maiores detalhes sobre o artigo, possibilitando que o editor direcione o manuscrito para avaliadores que tenham mais familiaridade com o tema mais especifico trabalhado na pesquisa.
Telling Your Story: A Step-By-Step Guide to Drafting Persuasive Legal Resumes and Cover Letters
The average American job seeker has had to contend with exorbitantly placed resume and cover letter writing services.
But I'll tell you who does read cover letters: A hiring manager -- especially a hiring manager at a small company with lower hiring volume (like a small nonprofit) -- is more likely to read a cover letter than a hiring manager at companies like Amazon or KPMG.
Here are three often-repeated cover letter tips that you definitely should not take:
The cover letter is my first clue as to how a candidate can present themselves.
And because it's often seen as an after-thought by many jobseekers, a compelling cover letter is a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd.
Another reason why a cover letter is good is that it allows you to present your strengths and accomplishments in bite-sized nuggets--both good practice and an effective job-search strategy.
By employing genre analysis to examine how component moves constitute an effective cover letter, we hope that the study results may yield insights into nonnative speakers and their communicative skills in native-English environments.
Competition for jobs among school leavers and graduates has never been hotter, so think of your cover letter as your secret weapon.
After profile, cover letter is the 2nd thing, which will make a client contact you.
Your search for a job follows a path much the same, only your message is about yourself, and one of your key communication tools is the cover letter.