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a small and very thin piece of glass used to cover the specimen on a microscope slide

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AGC Asahi Glass, a manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, has commenced production of 3D curved cover glass for car-mounted displays at its Keihin Plant.
If that cover glass were flexible, it would be an important step toward a device that itself could be flexible.
The cover glass manufacturing process is labor intensive, as the scope for automation is minimal.
His supplies during his six month stay will be brought by cargo spacecraft also fitted with Qioptiq cover glass.
In another report revealed that with screen sizes increasing, smartphones continue to lead total area demand in the cover glass market however, as the markets for smartphones and tablets mature, cover glass industry revenue growth is declining from 39 percent year over year in 2013 to 11 percent in 2015.
zForce EDGE addresses both these factors with its low total cost and elimination of the cover glass.
5-inch sapphire cover glass for the display may not easily pass the drop test near term, report said.
The facility will be dedicated to the production of ultra-thin glass, which is soda-lime glass, used as cover glass for the touch-screens of notebook computers and other electronic devices.
KhepriCoat antireflective coating is primarily intended for solar applications; the coating is applied on the cover glass of solar modules and reduces the reflection of sunlight, increasing the energy output of the modules.
The coating--a thin layer with a thickness of approximately 100--150 nm--is applied to the cover glass of solar modules and strongly reduces the reflection of sunlight.
Presently, this maker has completed an integrated production line at its factory in Dongguang, southeastern China, which handles from front-end production of cover glass and ITO (indium tin oxide) films to back-end process of glass cutting, CNC machining and module laminating.
PCAP panels can be laminated with protective cover glass using index-matched optical adhesives that reduce reflections and maintain the crystal clear optical characteristics of the panel.
There are multiple cover glass lens options available including Gorilla Glass, Dragon Trail, Chem-Strengthened, Anti-Glare, Soda Lime, Heat Tempered, and Heat Strengthened.
Other applicable dishes, including 35, 50 and 60 mm petri dishes, chamber slides and chambered cover glass, can be used by purchasing adapter inserts.
According to Corning its Gorilla Glass is an environmentally friendly glass designed specifically to function as a cover glass for high-end display devices such as televisions, notebook PCs and mobile phones.