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crop planted to prevent soil erosion and provide green manure

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Research at the center includes insect and herbicide trials, cover crops, pumpkins and variety trials for corn, soybeans, sorghum and wheat.
Once the wheat was sprayed off, the cover crops mixture was drilled, rolled, and then Nitrogen was applied at a rate of 125kg per hectare.
In the 1990s, they began planting cover crops between harvests.
"Our hope is that understanding the complementary relationship between cover crops and herbicides can lead to new weed control strategies that slow the development of herbicide resistance," said John M Wallace, Pennsylvania State University.
Fall cover crops shortly before harvest and incorporation.
More trees were damaged in the treatments without cover crops or insecticide (Tables 1, 4).
So it goes with cover crops. Sure, I've tossed a little buckwheat here, and a little cereal rye there, and I've planted clovers and grasses beneath grazing corn that would become pasture after I strip-grazed the heifers on that corn.
A morning session at Eastover Park in Eastover will focus on optimizing the short-term benefits of cover crops, soil testing and the results of soil-health research projects across S.C.
This fallow period may help to break the cycle of any parasites that are potentially present, while allowing cover crops and native grasses to grow back.
Cover crops are planted in between seasons and if they're turned into the soil before they set seed they become a green manure.
The use of cover crops in vineyards in southern Brazil has increased significantly in recent years, with the aim of reducing erosion as well as improving the chemical, physical, and biological soil quality.
Arable fields left bare over the winter can pollute watercourses but planting cover crops and ensuring drains and ditches are fully functioning can help farmers protect their soils and avoid possible prosecution.
When cover crops were used for seven straight seasons, the researchers found, the nitrate levels in the water table dropped by 50 percent or more.
Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists have found a cost-saving strategy for cotton growers in Alabama who use cover crops.