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(statistics) correlated variation

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This result may reflect that the economic stress factor (HML) and the commercial real estate index (NCR) have similar responses (covariation) to economic changes.
We specified the structure of covariation between IT and IQ variables as a Cholesky decomposition (bivariate: IT and IQ; trivariate: IT, PIQ & VIQ).
Parker also illustrates the puzzle another way: with a risk aversion of 4, a household facing risk as measured by the contemporaneous covariation should be indifferent between holding stocks and holding bonds only if the equity premium is less than 0.1 percentage point, not the 5.3-percentage-point historical average.
Yet, the evidence of covariation has been modest where non-problem, health-related behaviors, such as eating, exercise, and safety behaviors, are involved.[11,12] However, although a single underlying factor could account for covariations among those behaviors, substantial variability still existed in the level of relations among those behaviors across subgroups differing in developmental level, gender, and ethnic background.[12] Demographic and socioeconomic differences also existed in patterns of some risk behaviors among adolescents.[13] Therefore, it is assumed that social and cultural factors unique to Japanese adolescents may influence their patterns of health-risk behaviors.
Thus, a model of covariation and remaining variation in otherwise orthogonal dimensions can be formalized (Leydesdorff, 1994).
Together, these results suggest that vital-rate uncertainty, variation, and covariation cannot be ignored.
Although the fit of MOD 1 was adequate, [X.sup.2] ( 29, n = 330) = 60.69, p [less than] .05 (see Table 3 for fit indices), it differed significantly from the initial measurement model and failed to reproduce factor covariation. Consequently, a second model was specified (MOD 2), in which the direct path from computer knowledge to computer interest was eliminated because of its lack of significance in the previous model.
(1992) finding and as predicted, our results revealed a positive reciprocal relationship and a negative covariation between work-family and family-work conflict in both samples.
The first study tests whether the instructional context of the standard illusory correlation task affects the perception of covariation between group membership and the desirability of behaviour.
The issue of response covariation is introduced to more closely examine the reciprocal nature of behavioral intervention.
However, many of the empirical inquiries into this relationship have given short shrift to the social psychological processes underlying this covariation (Segrave, 1980).
A hierarchical model assumes that the covariation among transformational leader behaviours can be partly explained by a second-order construct.
The second major problem faced by credit risk analysts is that of modeling the covariation in credit risks across different exposures.
The theory of mind that allows Tye to develop this answer, a theory he dubs "perspectival physicalism," maintains that feelings and experiences have intentional content and that their representational character can be accounted for by the causal covariation view (that is, roughly, "if optimal or ideal perceptual conditions obtain, sensory states of the sort found in perception track the presence of certain external features; they thereby represent those features" [p.
The former measures the degree of covariation between the percentage of vote each candidate received by province and 37 demographic and ecological variables.