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changing so that interrelations with another variable quantity or set of quantities remain unchanged

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There are limitations for the reported study; questionnaires were not given to the participants to harvest lifestyle or social status that could be assessed as covariants or determinants of the observed BP and blood sugar measurements.
Covariants Prehypertension odds ratio (95% CI) Age (years) >35 4.49 (2.32-8.68) [less than or equal to] 35 1 RBG (mg/dl) [greater than or equal to] 100 0.39 (0.14-1.08) * <100 Gender Male 0.85 (0.39-1.68) Female 1 Covariants Hypertension odds p value ratio (95% CI) Age (years) >35 6.34 (2.66-15.14) <0.0001 [less than or equal to] 35 1 RBG (mg/dl) [greater than or equal to] 100 3.32 (1.27-8.63) 0.01 <100 1 Gender Male 0.75 (0.36-1.57) >0.46 Female CI: confidence interval; * p = 0.06; RBG: random blood glucose.
The NLD equation can be written in the covariant form as follows [7]:
where i = [square root of -1] is the imaginary unit, m [greater than or equal to] 0 is the rest mass, [PHI] = [PHI](x, t) = ([[phi].sub.1](x, t), [[phi].sub.2](x, t))([dagger]), ([dagger]) is the transpose, [[phi].sub.1] and [[phi].sub.2] are complex-valued functions, [bar.[PHI]] := [[PHI].sup.*][[gamma].sup.0] represents the adjoint spinor, the superscript * denotes the conjugate transpose, [L.sub.1] [[PHI]] stands for the self-interaction Lagrangian, [[partial derivative].sub.[mu]] represents the covariant derivative ([[partial derivative].sub.0] = [[partial derivative].sub.t], [[partial derivative].sub.1] = [[partial derivative].sub.x]), and [[gamma].sup.[mu]] denotes the Dirac matrices ([mu] = 0,1); that is,
Thus, in [21], we had calculated the mass spectrum, weak decay constants, two-photon decay widths and two-gluon decay widths of ground (1S) and radially excited (2S, 3S, ...) states of pseudoscalar charmonium and bottomonium such as [[eta].sub.c] and [[eta].sub.b] as well as the mass spectrum and leptonic decay constants of ground state (1S) and excited (2S, 1D, 3S, 2D, 4S, and 3D) states of vector charmonium and bottomonium such as J/[psi] and [gamma], using this formulation of 4x4 Bethe-Salpeter equation under covariant instantaneous ansatz (CIA).
Substituting (3) in (1), with definition of kernel in (2), we get a covariant version of Salpeter equation
These vectors [[??].sub.i](y) constitute the covariant basis at the point [theta](y), whereas the vectors [[??].sup.i](y) defined by the relations
Due to differences between groups on Zareki-R subtests, the subsequent analyses were conducted with group as covariant.
Six covariants will help assess the utility of the leadership credibility index in this public sector replication.
Confidence and bias scores were separately analyzed in a 2 (between) x 2 (within) analysis of covariance design (ANCOVA), using number of reasons and overall test performance as covariants. The two between conditions were the reasons-for and reasons-against conditions, and the two within conditions were hard and easy items.
Directly, the phases covary in expected ways on virtually every one of the several hundred covariants studied so far, both in North America as well as in global work settings (Golembiewski, Boudreau, Munzenrider, and Luo, 1996).
Research that examines the covariants of conservation behaviors will demonstrate the merits and/or demerits of various conservation policies and programs.
This difference persisted even when data were analyzed using rates of obesity, macrosomia, hypertensive disorders, or maternal weight gain as covariants. OBs reported complications of labor and delivery in 25% of their patients; 16% of these complications were either premature labor or premature delivery.
Factors such as these can be evaluated as covariants in the analysis.
The team also gathered information about other exposure covariants such as fuel type, whether the kitchen was inside (with or without a partition) or outside (attached or nonattached), number of meals cooked, cooking duration, and time spent in or near the kitchen during cooking.