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changing so that interrelations with another variable quantity or set of quantities remain unchanged

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The triple ([[].sub.1], [[].sub.2], [[].sub.3]) is the covariant basis at the same point in the deformed configuration.
All variables were standardized and gender was the covariant. The analysis results are shown in Table 3.
Finally, we establish our formula, namely, the Clark-Ocone formula, for generalized functionals in [S.sup.*](Z) in Section 3 and show its application results in Section 4, which include the covariant identity result and the variant upper bound result for generalized functionals in [S.sup.*](Z).
In this paper we report a successful covariant canonical quantization of the gravitational field which preserves the success of GR while simultaneously explaining Dark Energy (DE) and Dark Matter (DM).
This approach requires mathematical precisions by fixing a preliminary gauge on the 1-vertices of the discretized manifold, but in a final analysis, only theories depending of secondary characteristic classes (e.g., Chern-Simons theory) can give rise to pathologies in gauge covariance, whereas gauge theories arising from primary characteristic classes (e.g., Yang-Mills theories) are fully gauge covariant when discretized [3].
The body weight changes (g) were calculated as initial body weight (before hibernation) minus final body weight (after hibernation), and then ANCOVA (Analysis of Covariance) was used to evaluate the effects of water depth and sand bed, using the initial body weight as a covariant. Chi-square tests were used to evaluate the effects of the two factors on health status each year, with the level of significance set at P 0.05, in 2011 and 2012).
Let D = [nabla] denote the covariant derivative (which is the Levi-Civita connection with respect to the mass-metric) in [F.sub.n](E), which is again the standard derivative.
Comparison of BJJ with AT and ST on the Characteristics of Age, Maturity, and Anthropometric Measures with Maturity and % Body Fat as Covariant (Mean [+ or -] SD).
ANCOVAs of the group effect for the scores in Stroop Test, MCST and FAS setting estimated IQ as a covariant revealed significant differences for most of the considered tests, except for the Total errors score in the MCST, as shown in Table 2.
Manoff [5] applied the method of lagrangian with covariant derivative to special type of lagrangian density depending on scalar and vector fields.
The aim of the present work is to extend these objects to an arbitrary vector bundle E endowed with a non-degenerate quadratic endomorphism [lambda] and a given covariant derivative [nabla].
The interval estimation of the scale parameter [eta] and MTBF under each working condition covariant level is calculated by Steps 2-13.
The NLD equation can be written in the covariant form as follows [7]:
where [K.sub.ij] is the extrinsic curvature tensor and [D.sub.i] are 3-space covariant derivatives.