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valence characterized by the sharing of electrons in a chemical compound


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While CoValence says they could have left the Liquid Crystal alone, they have amplified the anti-aging benefits by adding the novel antioxidant Spin Trap Complex (PBN), "a highly intelligent antioxidant with free-radical trapping capacity." Rose Crystal Eye Serum has the same benefits of Opal Crystal Eye Serum, as it utilizes the cholesteric liquid crystal backbone to improve the texture and appearance of the delicate eye area the same way that the combination of Liquid Crystal and Spin Trap has shown to improve complexions for 20-plus years.
-0.2484 for chlorine atoms and +0.00104 for cobalt, although the cobalt atom is +2 of valence, therefore, the anion of[(CoCl.sub.4).sup.2-] is bound through strong covalence. There are negative charges on nitrogen atoms, [C.sub.2] and [C.sub.4,] and positive charges on [C.sub.1], [C.sub.3] and [C.sub.5,] showing no difference with which have been known that electrophilic substitution reaction (e.g.
Raman spectroscopy confirmed the presence of covalence bounds between GO and PVA.
Salmon joined the company in 2007 with Berry's acquisition of Covalence Specialty Materials where he had led the adhesives division for four years.
(Covalence Heat Shrinkable Products, Powercrete, Polyken, & AnodeFlexTM)
The EPR parameters [g.sub.[parallel]], [g.sub.[perpendicular]], [A.sub.[parallel]] and the energies of the d-d transition were used to evaluate the bonding parameters [[alpha].sup.2], [[beta].sup.2], and [[gamma].sup.2], which may be regarded as measures of the covalence of the in-plane [sigma]-bonds, in-plane [pi]-bonds, and out-of-plane [pi]-bonds, respectively.
Doping of lanthanide cations into [Sb.sub.2][Te.sub.3] lattice results in decreasing the Sb-Te covalence bond.
In addition, the covalence factors ([b.sup.1/2]), Sinha parameter ([delta]%), that is, metal-ligand covalency percent, and the covalency angular overlap parameter ([eta]) have been calculated from the values of [beta] by using the following expressions [18]:
Consequently, the covalence number for the [C.sub.5] atom drops from 4.31 to 3.9, while increasing to an average of about 4.5 for the [C.sub.6] atom during the first 100 fs.
Recognizing in his work the importance, not of affect and love, but of affectlessness and lovelessness reveals that if Wallace's writing is itself affecting, it is not because it discovers an alchemical way of transmuting postmodern irony into golden sentiment, but because it so vividly stages the chemical covalence of love and fear.
"They will keep uncertainty in the market and uncertainty runs heavily on trust and covalence," he said.
Melinda Wochner, chief operating officer and vice president of marketing for CoValence Laboratories, Chandler, Ariz., says men tend to want to keep it simple.
2r (rc) is the laplacian value of electron density, the 2r (rc) value less than zero means a covalent bond, the smaller the 2r (rc) value, the stronger of the covalence of the bond; the 2r(rc) alue larger than zero means a ionic bond, the larger the 2r(rc) value, the stronger of the ionic nature of the bond; if the 2r(rc) value is close to zero, it means a weak bond.