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valence characterized by the sharing of electrons in a chemical compound


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While CoValence says they could have left the Liquid Crystal alone, they have amplified the anti-aging benefits by adding the novel antioxidant Spin Trap Complex (PBN), "a highly intelligent antioxidant with free-radical trapping capacity.
Raman spectroscopy confirmed the presence of covalence bounds between GO and PVA.
HSBC Malta has been named the world's most ethical company by Geneva-based research consultancy, Covalence.
Here the contributors of these seven articles present their findings and offer reviews in such studies as a molecular dynamic description of clusters in strong fields (a simple model in which core and covalence electron are treated at the same level as Coulomb interacting particles), extended universality in a statistical mechanical model (in a specific family of systems), a unified scaling picture for a metal-insulator phenomena in two dimensions, phase transitions and hysteresis in a system of two coupled magnetic nanoparticles, recent advances in electronic and vibration studies of carbon nanotubes using fullerenes, effects of apical oxygen ordering, and geometric effects and magnetic phases in quantum rings.
Covalence Adhesives, a manufacturer in Franklin, Mass.
The addition of Rollpaks product lines and manufacturing location with the recently acquired business of Covalence Specialty Materials Corp.
Scott Chase, CCE, Director of Credit & Collections for Covalence Plastics, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, said, "I'm a statistics freak and I want to dig down deeper into the numbers that I submit to upper management.
Moreover, silica particles derivatized with amine groups by silanization might provide an efficient sol-gel matrix for increased binding of SjAg through entrapment and GLU-mediated covalence interactions.
Covalence Specialty Materials, a leading manufacturer of plastic products, adhesives and coated products, has leased 12,578 s/f at SJP Properties' Crossroads Business Center in Bedminster, NJ.
Conductimetric experiments showed that the binding of Cd, Cu, and Zn has a significant electrostatic contribution, whereas for Pb there is a higher level of covalence in the binding of humic acids, which could result in the higher release and movement of Cd but lower mobility of Pb in the soil-plant system (Pinheiro et al.
The connection between Biblical Lands and American identity and the image of Arabs as patriarchal figures is treated in Hilton Obenzinger's American Palestine, and the increasing covalence of Bedouins and Native Americans in American iconography is especially evident in John Lloyd Stephens's travel narrative Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraea, and the Holy Land.
Words that mate with other words through a property that can be thought of as a sort of syntactic covalence also display the capability of changing meaning with context.
This process has been interpreted here in terms of governmentality in order to highlight the operation of moral discourse in the constitution of local subjects and potential areas of covalence with the dynamics of the Indonesian nation.
Each nuclei has its own circulation of electrons bound by covalence.