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(chiefly Scottish) agreeable and genial


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Kailyardic contraQdiction persisted well into the twentieth century, and its couthy components and imperial associations functioned as key ingredients within the formation of the archetypes of 'tartanry' which have so long infuriated Scottish cultural commentators.
But the last two-and-a-half years could have come straight from the script of the couthy soap.
But having said it over and over, she's turned a couthy phrase into a cheap point and I think the backlash coming now will see this meteoric rise crash and burn.
For which you get a couthy rear-wheel-drive saloon with a two-litre straight six developing 153bhp that'll crack nearly 140mph, romp to 60 in nine seconds and return a creditable 30mpg.
Salmond's version of folksy is couthy enough to curdle the cream.
Which means the action is set in an Edinburgh that's full of couthy characters and the city echoes to the sounds of clich.
Salmond sees himself as Scotland, couthy and colloquial, and wants to portray Cameron as England, all clipped accents and class-ridden.
Every country in the world has cosy, couthy programmes on the TV.
Cheeky, curvy and couthy, prices start at just pounds 6,320 and they're throwing in three years free servicing as well.
The Street BBC1, Looking, Sky Atlantic, Monday Sauchiehall Street once had a certain couthy association, a place in affectionate Glasgow idioms about going "Up Sauchie, Doon Buchie and Alang Argyle.
The Broons celebrate their 70th anniversary this year and actor Ewan McGregor last week narrated a BBC tribute to publisher DC Thomson's couthy clan.