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(chiefly Scottish) agreeable and genial


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If he had `been a good boy', praised the Lord Advocate, extolled the virtues of the Solicitor General, never criticised the Government -- except in a couthie, gentlemanly sort of way -- he would now have been a judge, writing judgments for 90,000[pounds] a year, instead of this book for a mite less.
He opens our eyes to the Scots contribution to a musical culture that far transcends the view of "a land of massed bagpipes and drums and couthie ceilidhs" (p.
Family flowers only please but donations if desired may be given at the service in aid of Couthie Corner.
No amount of rugged scenery can make up for such a patronising portrait of islanders as a bunch of couthie, crafty stereotypes.
FACTS: The pub moves to a marquee in the park for the Couthie Do music festival from May 3-6.