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the child of your aunt or uncle

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Because of that cousinship, no member of the Joola ethnic group dares intentionally shed the blood of a Seereer (and vice versa), and during all Joola traditional ceremonies, Seereer attendees are served the best food and the best places are reserved to them.
40) Watanabe omits Kleinias from his list of novelistic best friends, presumably on grounds of cousinship, but in many ways Kleinias actually fits better into the role of friend-of-the-hero than can be said of Menelaos, who does appear in Watanabe's list.
Can we be more tolerant to all of God's creatures and promote the spirituality of universal cousinship and reverentially uphold the dignity and sanctity of all?
A notable passage in the 1956 manuscript which does not survive into the published text goes out of its way to relate Pinfold's Catholicism to that experience of communion Ratzinger and others detail: "he became from time to time increasingly aware of a process operating without conscious effort of his own, drawing himself into a communion which owned a remote cousinship to the prayers of the holy" ("Ordeal" 2).
Annalisa Lilliu takes up the theme of incest in "The ambivalence of cousinship in Grazia Deledda and Thomas Hardy.